GemmaCert Professional MJ Potency Testing System

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GemmaCert Professional MJ Potency Testing System

$ 2,500.00 $ 6,495.00

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Get accurate and reliable test results right on your phone in less than 5 minutes with GemmaCert.

GemmaCert Professional makes it easy to perform in-house testing to ensure that your products are effective, consistent, safe, and compliant. We make it easy to consistently deliver a high-quality product for final testing or to spot check actual lab results.

Tests for total TTHC, TCBD, TCBG in dried cured product or ethanol extracts.


How it works

The Gemmcert device uses Near Infrared Spectrometry (NIR); recognized by the FDA and EMA, NIR spectroscopy is used by the pharmaceutical industry for quality control, including product development and testing for regulatory compliance.

We use machine learning to consistently improve results. Our devices learn and adapt automatically through experience, using algorithms and statistical models to analyze large amounts of data from our comprehensive reference database.


  • Test samples in-house before beginning the formal testing process
  • Test materials including dry flowers buds, trim, and crude extract
  • Test both cannabis and hemp materials
  • Test for total THC levels as low as 0.2%
  • Use water activity analysis to predict mold growth
  • Produce professional Certificates of Analysis
  • Identify optimal harvest time
  • Improve profit predictability
  • Ensure the quality and consistency of your product
  • Boost customer confidence and brand loyalty

Works With

Use GemmaCert during any phase of growth to monitor progress. Check out the Wet Testing Protocol link below to learn how.

Crop Test Categories:

  • Dry whole flower buds with 15% maximum moisture content
  • Ground material, including trim and biomass
  • Crude oil (currently raw ethanol extract only)

Test Result Parameters

  • Total (TTHC): 0.877 THCA + Delta-9-THC
  • Total (TCBD): 0.877 CBDA + CBD
  • Total (TCBG): 0.877 CBGA + CBG
  • Water Activity (aw): <0.55-0.65>

Test Accuracy For Cured Material

  • TTHC & TCBD within +/- 10% of typical lab testing
    For Example: If actual potency is 8% THC, GemmaCert will report anywhere between 7.2% to 8.8% THC

Test Accuracy For Ethanol Based Extract

  • TCBD: +/- 2.5% of typical lab testing
    For Example: If actual potency is 40% TCBD, GemmaCert will report between 37.5% to 42.5%
    TTHC: +/- 6% of typical lab testing
    For Example: If actual potency is 50% TTHC, GemmaCert will report between 44% to 56%

Device Operating System Compatibility and System Requirements

Android mobile device using Bluetooth connectivity. Only Android OS is currently supported.

Special Return Policy

Open Boxes: Due to the unique use for this product returns are accepted with a 50% refurbishment fee. In other words, you will receive 50% of your original purchase price within our standard 60 day return window.

Unopened Boxes (factory seal is unbroken): Full 60 day no-hassle money back guarantee.


Gemmacert provides a 2 year limited warranty for the device and 6 months for accessories against manufacturing defects.






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