FGI UVA LED Grow Light Bundle. 44”, rugged. Premium quality.

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FGI UVA LED Grow Light Bundle. 44”, rugged. Premium quality.

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Rugged, waterproof, glass lens, 100-277 VAC. This unit is built to last. 

The FGI 385nm UV Lightbar is designed to provide targeted supplemental blue energy to equal natural sunlight levels.

At Forever Green, we strive to match natural sunlight with our lighting products. The reason for this is that plant, corals and mushroom morphology is affected by the spectral composition of light, which means that different wavelengths of light can promote different growth characteristics.

In particular, blue light is known to encourage compact growth and strong stems, making it an essential part of plant development. By providing plants with the same level of blue light as they would receive from the sun, the FGI 385nm UV Lightbar ensures that they can grow and develop in the best possible way. As a result, it is an invaluable tool for any gardener or plant lover who wants their plants to thrive.

Science behind using UV-A supplemental energy on plants

Recent studies at Utah State University have shown that plants absorb and benefit from light between 380-740NM. This research has led to the study of E-PAR or extended PAR and is redefining measurement of photosynthetic light. 

Below are the spectrum charts which compare natural sunlight to full spectrum LEDs and then to full spectrum plus supplemental UV. 

The result is a closer match to sunlight providing more of the beneficial blue light that plants benefit from. 

Sunlight Levels of 380NM UV

Natural sunlight provides plants 1.22 umols of 380nm blue energy. 

Natural Sunlight Spectrum Blue Energy 1.2234 umols

Typical Full Spectrum LED Lack 380NM UV

Full spectrum LEDs have limited blue spectrum which peak at 460nm.  

Full Spectrum LED 460nm Blue Energy Levels .0514 umols

Full Spectrum LED with Supplemental 380NM UV 

Adding supplemental 385NM UV creates a secondary peak of blue energy at 1.5047 umols at 12" from the canopy, roughly equaling natural sunlight. 

UV spectrum

Supplemental UV Spectrum plus Full Spectrum Blue Energy 1.5047 umols (3x greater) 

Build Quality

These are high quality units with a crystal glass lens cover to protect the diodes and allow for cleaning. The all aluminum frame dissipates what little heat the bar creates. At 30 watts the Lightbar sips energy too. 

Spectrum Theory 

Blue energy is scientifically known to help form more compact plants. More lush leaf growth, stronger and larger stems and tighter internodal spacing.

We gave a prominent researcher one of our UV-A LEDs and he said: 

"Your UVA lights arrived and we have confirmed their 385 nm peak. This looks like a high quality fixture." He went on to say: "Elevated exposure to UV photons is known to enhance the synthesis of UV blocking compounds in the leaves of many species and it is reasonable to think that UV photons can increase the synthesis of secondary metabolites in plants." And further, "I expect we will find value in dosing of CSativa plants with UV photons, but not surprisingly, the effects will likely interact with UV wavelength, intensity, timing of delivery, and growth stage."

The UVA Lightbar fits neatly inside the frame of our Uniformity Pro LEDs as well as many other multi-bar style full spectrum LEDs.


We recommend two of our UV-A LEDs over each 4'x4' area. The slim design allows them to be hung inside the frame of most 6 and 8 bar LEDs. Mounting height should be at the same level to avoid creating shadowing. 


A basic digital 110V wall timer can be used, or if using the TrolMaster Hydro X we recommend the DSP-1 module for 110V or DSP-2 for 120V power connection and multiple on/off timer programming.


~Technical Specs~



20 UVA Diodes Per Bar

100-277VAC,50/60 Hz



44.88”x 2.24”x 1.53”

4.4 lbs

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Product Warranty (see our warranty here)

3 year warranty

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