The FGI Square 2  Affordable, Compact, Popular. For Veg or Bloom.

FGI Square 2 220W LED Grow Light, Extended PAR 400-760nm Spectrum


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The perfect light for 2'x2' coverage in flower, the FGI Square 2, introduced in 2020 has an innovative square within a square design. Grow with precision and control with perfect uniformity over the plant canopy. Maximize yield and potency with our full spectrum + red + far red, not found in other LED grow lights.

Great Build Quality. Excellent Spectrum & Light Levels.

Running at only 220 watts the Square 2 runs cool in small grow spaces. Add two or more to increase PAR levels. We've seen growers use 4 of these in a 5'x5' operating at 880 watts with incredible results in flower.


PAR levels at 15" are equal to a 600 watt HPS. At 12" PAR levels exceed 1000W HPS.


What makes the square different? We add both 720NM (far red) diodes as well as 660nm (red) diodes along with 4000K CCT full spectrum.

Our Far Red Boosted Spectrum Maximizes Growth 

Top bin Shenzhen Ledida diodes. Including 6% 720nm infrared plus + 27% 660nm red which growers have found is the key to potent flowers.


The FGI Square 2 has a powerful footprint over a 2'x2' space as shown in this 3'x3' PAR map.


As with all FGI brand grow lights we don't skimp on construction quality. A clear lens protects the diodes from accidental overspray. This compact 20" x 20" unit is lightweight too at just 12 lbs. so it is easy to handle and hang. 


Our lights come with full five year warranties making them the safe long term choice. our 60 day no-hassle return policy means no regrets after unboxing. You'll recognize the quality of our product from the care we take in packaging and shipping.

The FGI Square. Give your plants the gifts that Mother Nature provides in the wild.


Diodes (White)  

Brand name: Shenzhen Lideda

Number of pieces 360

Total Diode Wattage Capacity (not actual draw) 300W

Maximum Advertised Wattage 300

Equivalent Wattage 1000

CCT   4000K

CRI 80


Other color Diodes (Red)

Brand Name: Shenzhen Lideda

Number of pieces 96


Wavelength 655-665nm

Other color Diodes (FR)  

Brand Name: Shenzhen Lideda

Number of pieces 24


Wavelength 730-745nm

Ratio mix white/red (%) 3:1


Product Warranty/Longevity  

Warranty (years) 5 years

Lifetime (L-90) - in hours 50,000 hours


Photosynthetic Light Measurements  

PPF Output* 436.1 umol/s

PPF Efficacy* PPF 2.1umol/J


Photopic Light Measurements

Luminous Flux* 30342lm

Luminous Flux Efficacy 151.7lm/w



Input Power Watts 218

Input Voltage 110V

Cord length 8' (2.44m, 18AWG )

Plug type (note if bare whip) Molded 110V


Product Dimensions  

Dimensions W x L x H (inches) 20x20x3.5

Weight (pounds) 10

Operating Temp range (F) -20℃ — +40℃

IP rating (UL-ETL or estimated final UL-ETL)



Physical Dimensions  

Package Dimension W x L x H (inches) 24x23x5

Inner carton (Yes/No) NO

Inner Carton Weight NO

Master Outer carton (Yes/No) YES

Number of pieces in Master Carton (1, 2, 3) 1

Master carton weight (lbs) 2


Dimming / Tuning  Dimming (Yes/No) Yes


Product Warranty (see our warranty here)

5 years

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