Factory Direct LED Grow Light Clearance Sale. 660W 2.5 umols/j 1617 PPF 4'x4, made by CABA, USA.

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Factory Direct LED Grow Light Clearance Sale. 660W 2.5 umols/j 1617 PPF 4'x4, made by CABA, USA.

$ 449.00 $ 995.00

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Introducing 660W Factory Direct LED Grow Lights by Forever Green Indoors. Our LED grow lights are the perfect choice for indoor gardens and provide superior performance compared to standard lighting solutions. Not only do we provide industry-leading performance, but our lights have been DLC approved and are listed for rebates in the US.

Our 660W light features a full spectrum, high output folding design which offers more power than traditional grow lights of a similar profile. With our innovative design you can now accurately control the intensity of your plants as well as its growth rate to ensure they get exactly what they need and no more. Plus, our factory direct approach means you get all the benefits of our LED lighting technology without any additional markups or costs that come with buying from a store or other third-party retailer.

Unlike other grow lights on the market, ours feature chip on board technology to ensure better heat dissipation and help increase the lifespan of your lamps while reducing electricity consumption along with it. Additionally, we've included aluminum cooling plates behind each board to ensure maximum heat dissipation even in tight spaces. As such, you can rest assured knowing that your plant is getting optimal amounts of light while also staying safe and secure with our advanced safety features.

• Patented Grow Spectrum provides uniform light.
• 120-277VAC auto switching for versatile operation.
• Custom dimming settings and boost mode to 720W.
• Aluminum housing and fanless design for efficient performance.

Includes 10' power cord, NEMA 6-15P plug and 5-15P adapter option.

Spec Sheet Download 


5 year warranty. 

Diodes: LumiLed Full Spectrum, Top Bin. Osram Top Bin. 

Drivers: Sosen

660w output 

4x4 coverage.

47" x 43" x 4" 

6 LED bars.

Fanless design.

37 lbs






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