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FGI manufactures commercial grade LED lamps and distributes scientific measurement instruments from Apogee Instruments.


Designed and rigorously tested by hundreds of growers, our lamps can be trusted to work. All our products are built to last with industry leading five year warranties. They also qualify under the new DLC horticultural requirements for utility rebates nation wide.  

We post test results regularly. Important measurements such as pounds per square feet, grams per watt and pounds per plant and pounds per lamp are all available for review on our "grow results" pages. 

Gone are the days of LEDs which didn't stack up to double ended HPS. Our high intensity full spectrum lamps mimic the spectrum of HPS lamps as well as the sun itself. Need proof? Take a look at our FGI Instagram account to see hundreds of photos of our LED grows. New photos posted daily. 

Why do FGI lamps match and exceed yields and potency of HPS/CMH lamps? First of all our spectrum is patented. We use electronic circuitry to drive both 3000K and 5000K colored LED diodes in differing voltages. Our LED's bend the spectrum output of each chip type creating our unique spectral output which we know from experience is tuned for max cannabis yield and potency. 

Our lamps match and exceed HPS/CMH output using 30-40% less power depending on your grow style. Whether you are a high PAR grower pushing your plants to max yield per SF, or a craft grower using live soils and mid PAR light output to grow favorite strains - our lamps work. We stand behind them because we make them ourselves. 

We also provide advanced features such as spectra tuning and dimming so you can customize the final plant output based on strain and grow cycle. Daisy chain up to 100 lamps to run entire rooms under the same intensity and spectrum. Tweak it over time to test and maximize what you desire most from your strains. Want less red? Dim it down. More bright white for Veg? Tune it up.  

FGI's line of lamps are also UL safety approved. This means you can request rebates from your local utility and your operation will be up to code for agencies like L&I to inspect. Our team of rebate grant writers will walk you through the process and in many cases work directly with your utility to maximize the rebate offered.

FGI is a member of the NCIA, MJBA, CCSE and WMA. FGI is also an NW Trade Ally for utility rebates and incentives and a member of the American Lighting Association. FGI has won numerous awards for its lighting installations.

Additional services:

  • Grow room engineering using AGI32 light modeling for PAR coverage. Both indoor and greenhouse
  • Lease/Rental financing for cannabis entities
  • Utility rebate modeling, grant writing and submission to your local power company to max rebates

Let us build an LED system for you!

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