FGI Far Red LED Grow Light Set 44” Commercial-grade 700-760nm. Plants, aquariums, mushrooms.

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FGI Far Red LED Grow Light Set 44” Commercial-grade 700-760nm. Plants, aquariums, mushrooms.

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The FGI Far Red LED Grow Light is the best dedicated far red LED grow light on the market today. Compare it to the cheaply made 660nm red LEDs being sold online and the difference is clear.

About Growing with Far Red Energy

Far-red light is good for plant growth. It can increase photosynthesis, enhance growth, and increase plant size. Far-red light is significant to plants because it increases the ability of plants to capture light. Plants use light not only as a source of energy, but also for information about the surrounding environment.

Far-red light is typically not absorbed much by plant leaves, and it doesn't drive any photosynthesis because it is mostly reflected off leaves. However, if a plant "senses" a greater ratio of far-red to normal light then it "knows" that obstructions or other plants are close to it.

Far-red light can also regulate leaf angle and increase plant height and leaf area, via expression of associated genes, to capture more light energy.

If you're serious about getting the most out of your plants, you need to make sure they're getting the right kind of light. Our far red LED grow lightbar is specially designed to boost photosynthetic light levels in both veg and flower. Adding two of these bars to your 4x4 grow space will lift PAR by 10%. This means healthier plants and bigger yields come harvest time. So if you're ready to take your growing operation to the next level, pick up our far red LED grow lightbar today. You won't be disappointed.

Use far red energy in veg to keep plants compact and strong. Recent studies at Utah State University by Dr Bruce Bugbee, have proven that additional energy, even in the red spectrum, keeps plants more compact. 

The science of using far red light on plants

Recent studies at the University of Texas El Paso / University of Texas Arlington, concluded that plants exposed to full spectrum plus dosing with far red spectrum, increased overall plant mass/yield and also improved terpene profiles. Read the study here.

The light coverage of this product is unmatched. It will fully cover a 4' wide grow tray in bloom and generally covers a 2' wide swath. We recommend a pair for each 4x4 grow space and this unit comes with hardware which allows you to position it inside the frame of most 5 and 8 bar full spectrum LEDs. This light system is one of the best on the market and will give your plants the light they need to thrive. Order now and be sure to get your grow space set up correctly so you can achieve maximum light coverage.

Targeting the Emerson Effect.

The Emerson Effect is the name given to the increase in the rate of photosynthesis that occurs when chloroplasts are exposed to far red energy just before the nighttime lights off cycle. This effect was first discovered by scientist Alexander Emerson in 1883, and it has since been extensively studied by plant biologists.

While the Emerson Effect is typically associated with increases in photosynthesis, it can also lead to other changes in plant physiology, such as increased cell division and growth.

One way to take advantage of the Emerson Effect is to use our supplemental far red LED grow light for 10-15 minutes after full spectrum lights are turned off. If you are looking to create the ideal environment for your plants, an LED grow light can help you to achieve the Emerson Effect.


Far Red Spectrum


We recommend 2 units per 4x4 grow space for daytime enhanced PPFD delivery. Height over canopy should be the same as your full spectrum LED but it will not hurt the plants to hang beneath a 4x4 LED. 


General use:

Studies indicate that dosing with far red light is most effective with 4 hours on, 4 off, and 4 on. We recommend a digital wall timer, or if using TrolMaster the DSP-1 (for 110V connections) or a DSP-2 (for 240V). 

Emerson Effect: 

10-15 minutes after full spectrum lights are turned off.

Plant Morphology Theory

Plants use phytochrome to detect and respond to red and far-red wavelengths. Phytochromes are signaling proteins that promote photomorphogenesis in response to red light and far-red light. Phytochrome is the only known photoreceptor that absorbs light in the red/far red spectrum of light (600-750 nm). (source: Wikipedia)

Far Red light is believed to create a competitive response in plants, pushing desirable terpene production and assisting in the formation of trichomes.  

Read more about Far Red and extended spectrum in this recent release from Design Lights Consortium: Read It Here

~Technical Specs~



PPF 72.1 umols/s 

100-277VAC,50/60 Hz



44.88”x 2.24”x 1.53”

4.4 lbs

Photometric Test Report Download 

Product Warranty (see our warranty here)

3 year warranty

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