Hortibest H8 660W LED Grow Light. Full Spectrum 2.8 umols/j 1848 PPF with Osram Diodes

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Hortibest H8 660W LED Grow Light. Full Spectrum 2.8 umols/j 1848 PPF with Osram Diodes

$ 999.50 $ 1,195.50

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Unlock a new level of savings with our premium quality factory-direct FGI Hortibest LED grow lights. Get great performance at prices that cut out the middle man. Shop and experience the Hortibest difference.


  • High efficacy diodes at 2.8 umols/j
  • 4' long x 4' wide. Perfect Light Uniformity at 1848 PPF output.
  • Osram top bin diodes in warm white, cool white and deep red creates our FGI spectrum. Proprietary built-in driver (enclosed in light rails). 
  • AC daisy chain - connect up to three LEDs to a single power receptacle.
  • Dims to off with our FGI Hortibest Master Controller 
  • DLC listed. 5 year manufacturer warranty.


FGI MH Installation


The H8 660W LED Grow Light is the perfect solution for commercial gardens that need high PPFD output. This unit is designed to be hung under shelves or close to the canopy, and it can be daisy-chained with up to four other units on 240V power. It also has a dimming knob and can be controlled by a variety of 0-10V dimmers, making it a versatile and easy-to-use grow light.


  • Internal LED driver enclosed within side rails.
  • Daisy Chain (power and 0-10V dimming - depends on voltage supplied)
  • Easy to install. No assembly required. Unfold, plug and play.
  • Comes with 120V and 240V plugs.
  • Comes with rope hangars. 
  • Universal control (TrolMaster, FGI Dimming Controller etc...)

The unit is DLC listed for rebates in the US and consumes just 660W of power while outputting 1716 PPF at an efficient 2.6 umols/j. 

An internal LED driver keeps the unit streamlined at only 2" deep making it ideal for hanging undershelves or close to ceiling allowing for maximum plant height in the grow space. 

It can be power daisy chained, up to 4 units on 240V power, reducing the number of receptacles needed in the grow space. 

It ships with a 220V cord with a 110V adapter plug, rope hangars and a 0-10V RJ-16 light to light daisy chain cable. 


Master Controller

  • 2 channel lighting controller for two zones of H LEDs
  • 2 zone temp and humidity monitoring included 
  • Or can be used to control UV and FAR Red module channels. A second Master Controller would then be used to control two zones. 
Master Controller 


UV and Far Red LED Modlue


PAR Charts (single unit)
FGI LED Spectrum
Spectrum 3850K

Spec Sheet Download 

Hortibest LED Dimming Control Wiring Diagram

~ specs

DLC: H8 660W: OC-H-660A FSG 27 D1

Weight 23lb

Size 42 x 42 x 2


2244 BTUs

Dimming: 0-10V Daisy Chain. RJ-14 light to light cable included 

Voltage                          120V     208V      230V     277V

AC Current                      5.76A    3.31A    2.99A    2.56A
AC Power                        689W    675W    667W    671W
Power Factor                   0.996     0.980    0.970     0.945
Daisy Chain Quanty         2Pcs     3Pcs       4Pcs     5Pcs


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