State licensed commercial grow facilities qualify for rebates paid by your energy utility.

What are lighting rebate programs?

They are designed by local power utilities to converve energy through the use of LEDs versus HPS grow lights.

FGI has been working with many utilities nationwide since 2014 to help them understand the traditional baselines and create programs that will benefit both the utility and the customer.

How much money is available?

Many utilities are providing incentives that pay 30-70% of the lighting cost for doing an upgrade or new construction.

The money is there, all that is required is to submit an application, choose DLC listed LED grow light models, and be approved for a rebate.

No rebates are given “after the fact”. All the utilities require pre-approval of any lighting installed before a rebate will be paid. So please reach out to us before you make a buying decision and we can help you with the rebate submission process.

Most utilities in the US have an energy conservation program which allows growers to apply for money back on LED lighting conversions. (Smaller, Co-Op type utilities may not participate at this time).

Here is reference guide to how each state in the US handles energy conservation rebates: State By State Energy Conservation Standards

At Forever Green Indoors we partner with energy utilities nationwide to help growers choose energy efficient LED lighting receive rebates to offset the cost of the lighting. Our team of rebate specialists are Nxt Level 1 certified which means they know how to help you win the best rebate possible.

Rebate programs are unique to every power utility. Going it alone often results in missing out on a greater payout. Because we've worked with rebates all over the US for over six years our team has the experience to help maximize your lighting layout and the available rebates.

Choose us to help manage your rebate submission. Our team of experienced grant writers have relationships with local utilities all over the US. 

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