We’re helping to change the way we garden indoors

Since 2013 we've designed and built world class LED grow lighting. Our focus on quality, reliability and long term performance have set us apart in an increasingly crowded marketplace of cheap immitations.All our products are rigorously tested by growers before they ever reach the market.In 2020 we designed the worlds first Wifi controlled LED grow light and have expanded to multiple products in 2021. These lights allow gardens to mimic the sun with realistic sunrise and sunset programming along with cloud effects to stimulate growth responses in plants.

Our evolution:


We sold over 100,000 grow lights to commercial gardens over these years and it continues to be our main focus.

Rebates paid by power utilities for energy conservation have helped businesses to afford the transition to LED grow lights. Our team of experts craft rebates as a service to our customers.


As we grew we began to use tech to measure important variables in grow rooms. We became Apogee Instruments largest global distributor which ended in 2021. 

TrolMaster controls and sensors became a top selling addition to our services.

We added AROYA with their SOLUS and TEROS 12 sensor as we developed our own test grow facility in Seattle WA.

Innoquest SpotOn Quantum PAR Meters also joined our mix of products which opened the door for more affordable but scientifically accurate light readings for photosythesis.

We also expanded increasingly into e-commerce with our own store and on Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Google Shopping and more.

Our same/next day order fulfillment matches Amazon's speed and reliability. Our 60 day no-hassle return policy beats Amazon's A to Z guarantee.

In 2021 we opened our first brick and mortar showroom in Seattle, which also serves as our US distribution center.

In 2022 we began offering wholeale spot buying services of LEDs from the largest factories in Asia. We choose these products carefully for their ability to earn utility rebates with DLC listing status. This program offers the largest commercial growers to buy top of the line LEDs at significant savings when paired with a rebate.

Trust Forever Green Indoors for the technology you need to grow.

We're serious about it.

We make FGI brand LEDs

Here are a few of our innovations:

First LED panel to incorporate 660NM red diodes with full spectrum in 2015.

Design Patent, Lightpanel 500, Made in the USA. Kevin Sullivan, 2018

First fully waterproof 8 bar 4x4 LED light, Designed in the USA 2019

First LED fixture with 730NM plus 660NM plus full spectrum, Designed in the USA 2019

First supplemental single color UVA and Far Red LED bars. Designed in the USA 2020





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