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Grow Space Design Services


We've helped build spaces for clones, mothers, veg and flower.

We've completed thousands of rooms. New constructions and conversions from HPS, MH and T5's to FGI brand LEDs.

The three variables of lighting design

-intensity on canopy (PPFD)

For predictable high yielding results these variables must be managed carefully.

Calculating light intensity and uniformity

We use AGI32 software from Lighting Analysts with fixture specific IES files, which allow us to accurately model PAR light intensity and uniformity on the finished canopy.


Our LED grow spectrum came from 10 years of LED
grow lighting design experience and was developed in partnerships with hundreds
of commercial growers in the Pacific Northwest. It can be found in all of full spectrum LEDs.

Grow Medium and containers

We also consider the growing medium and containers which will be used as well as the drain system for grow trays.

-Coco Coir
-Fabric bags
-Hard pots

We have the experience to help design your perfect garden layout.

Utility Rebates

When energy savings and rebates come in to play,we'll use various strategies to achieve the same high yielding crop results
while winning generous rebates for you.

Grow Style

Commercial growers have adopted a variety of lighting layout styles to maximize plant canopy.

-Sliding bench
-Fixed bench

Vertical growing is a "close to canopy" lighting application where the finished flowers will be as close as 9-12" from the lighting system. We have LEDs designed specifically for this application.

Sliding bench and fixed bench layouts can include lighting that is set in place or optionally can incorporate our FGI Lightlifting sytem which allows precise control over PPFD as the plants mature and stretch.

LED Spot Purchase Program

(Minimum purchase quantities start at 25 units)

Our factories occasionally offer us deep discounts to sell new "private label" models, not branded to FGI.

These products are current designs and use todays more efficient LED chips and drivers and full warranties.

Our services include vetting each model to ensure you'd be pleased to own them in terms of reliability, energy efficiency, light output and spectrum.

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