FGI Lightpanel 500 Bundle

Spectrum Tuneable Bundle

FGI LIghtpanel 500 Bundle

Testimonials From Our Customers

I bet you these two lights are better than my “1200” w... (570w) lol mars hydro, that’s why I put them in instead. This is week 3 of flowering and I can’t believe how many crystals there is on the side where I have the 700 panel. It’s seriously almost twice the size as the other. Amazing.

I compared a 550 v2 panel, which is basically Samsung chips on a cheap piece of aluminum, your product is far superior than theirs for the same price... you get 200 more w of LED plus better spectrum. To me it’s a no brainer. My buddy has two of the V2 and after seeing my LP 700 and his, I m glad I went this way.

KL, Canada 2/12/2019

Absolutely a great company, they know what they are doing. 

PW, Kentucky - Amazon Review 1/17/19

This place is awesome oh, they take care of their customers extremely well any questions they answer efficiently and expeditiously

KJ, MI - Amazon Review 1/2/19

In over 15 years of growing I have never seen organic soil indoor plants this healthy or grow this fast until I got these 185w LED Lightbars from Forever Green Indoors.

Olympia, WA 8/23/18

The most important is that there was a 70% increase in resin production when we grew the same strain both outdoors and then indoors under your lights.

Oregon Rec Grower 7/14/18

By replacing half the fixtures in a typical Strainwise, Denver Colorado, flowering room, an average 24% increase in dry bud yield was observed while using 47% less electricity to create the light. A significant 83% increase in efficiency was also observed (g/kWh).

Strainwise, Denver, Colorado 6/2/17

We put the lamp to the test and were completely blown away by the quality and quantity of the yield we experienced using the light.

MapitoUSA, Spokane, Washington 5/1/17

We have never had a grow where the lower buds were comparable to the upper buds. Their coloring is extremely beautiful and we are impressed!

Salkum, WA Rec Grower 4/23/17

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