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ThinkGrow Model-H Plus LED Grow Light 720W, 2.78 umols/j, 2061 PPF.
ThinkGrow Model-H Plus LED Grow Light 720W, 2.78 umols/j, 2061 PPF. $ 1,573.95 $ 1,864.00
Model-H Plus is a true 5’ wide LED grow light designed to be used in indoor grow rooms for high PPFD cultivation practices in vertical farming. The fixture has a total of 3368 pieces of highly efficient top-bin diodes with a total wattage upgraded to 720 watts and producing 2061 total PPF output. Users can have onboard dimming or adjust the spectrum and light intensity by connecting the fixtures with a controller. Four spectrum channels including UV, White (full spectrum), Deep Red and Far Red are fully controllable to customize your desired spectrum/recipe of light your plants need. (Only available on the TrolMaster HCS-2/3). The patented plug-and-play light bar design also offers ease of installation and facilitates future maintenance. Key Features: Wide Coverage: Designed to cover 4' wide grow racks or tables efficiently. High Efficiency:  Equipped with 2888 top-bin LED diodes. Total wattage of 740 watts. Achieves an 18% increase in PPF performance over the original Model-H LED. Adjustable Lighting: Onboard dimming for easy intensity adjustments. Connectable to a controller for precise spectrum and light intensity adjustments. Spectrum Control: Four controllable spectrum channels: 380NM UVA, White Full Spectrum, 660nm Red and 730 nm Far Red.  Customizable light spectrum/recipes tailored to plant needs (Spectrum Control available with HCS-2/3). ThinkGrow Model H Spectrum  Benefits: Enhanced Plant Growth: The ability to customize light recipes helps in optimizing plant growth for different stages, leading to better yields. Energy Efficiency: High-efficiency diodes reduce energy consumption while maximizing light output. Versatility: Suitable for various growing environments and applications.User-Friendly: Easy installation and maintenance save time and reduce operational complexity. This new model is a significant upgrade from the original Model-H, offering improved performance and greater flexibility for serious growers looking to optimize their cultivation setup. ThinkGrow New Model H DLC #: Product ID: H-OPZHXB Tech Sheet Download Spec Sheet Download Product Manual Download Box includes:  1x Model-H Driver8x Model-H LED Light Bars1x 12' 240V Power Cord Wattage Draw (Tested):  741.3W (20 watts Far Red) PPF (Tested):  2061 Efficacy (Tested):  2.78 umols/j Power Factor (Tested):  >=.96% Fixture Dimensions 45" (L) x 44.6" (W) x 4.44" (H)  Lifetime:  L90 : >54,000 hrs  Warranty:  5 Years Standard Warranty Input Voltage:  Autosensing 100-277 V  Amp Draw:  6.23A @120\/, 3.09A@240\/, 2.71A@277V BTU 2456 Mounting Height:  >  (15.2cm) Above Canopy  Weight:  38.8 lbs  
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ThinkGrow Model-I LED Grow Light
ThinkGrow Model-I LED Grow Light $ 903.00 $ 1,075.00
ThinkGrow Model-I LED Grow Light: Optimized for Greenhouse and Indoor Cultivation The ThinkGrow Model-I is a high-performance LED grow light designed specifically for greenhouse and single-level indoor horticultural cultivation. This fixture integrates cutting-edge features to enhance energy efficiency, light distribution, and overall plant growth. Key Features and Benefits Compact and Efficient Design: Built-in Driver: Ensures energy efficiency while maintaining a balanced work environment for growers. Innovative V-Shape Design: Improves light distribution, reducing the height needed from the canopy and minimizing light energy loss. Full Spectrum and UV Light: Natural Sunlight Mimicry: The full-spectrum design with UV provides a light quality similar to natural sunlight, covering all critical growth phases from vegetative to flowering. Enhanced Far Red Spectrum: Far Red Channel. Offers an additional Far Red spectrum channel, allowing a 10-15 minute exposure to accelerate the flowering cycle (External Controller required). Efficiency: Outstanding efficiency at 2.54 umol/J, ensuring optimal light utilization.Advanced Control Capabilities: External Control: Allows up to 256 fixtures per channel, providing extensive control options for large-scale operations. Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with TrolMaster Hydro-X control systems. Independent Channel Control: Using the TrolMaster lighting adaptor LMA-T, the Full Spectrum and Far Red channels can be independently controlled. This feature enables the Far Red channel to be activated 10-15 minutes after lights-off, expediting the flowering process. Application and Use Greenhouse Cultivation: Ideal for use in greenhouses, where efficient light distribution and control are crucial. Single-Level Indoor Cultivation: Perfect for indoor grow setups, providing a balanced light environment that supports all stages of plant growth. Conclusion The ThinkGrow Model-I LED Grow Light is a state-of-the-art solution for professional horticultural cultivation. Its compact, efficient design, combined with advanced light spectrum control and compatibility with TrolMaster systems, makes it an ideal choice for both greenhouse and indoor applications. Achieve optimal plant growth and accelerated flowering with the Model-I’s superior technology and performance. Spec Sheet Download
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ThinkGrow Model-I plus LED Grow Light
ThinkGrow Model-I plus LED Grow Light $ 1,207.50 $ 1,428.00
The ThinkGrow Model I-Plus LED fixture is a high-performance grow light designed specifically for horticulture cultivation. The compact design, featuring a built-in driver, ensures a balance between energy efficiency and an optimal human work environment. The innovative V-shape design on the LED panel enhances light distribution, allowing for a reduced height from the canopy, which in turn minimizes light energy loss. Benefits of Light Intensity This LED grow light offers outstanding efficiency with a light intensity of 2.7 µmol/J, ensuring that your plants receive the maximum amount of usable light energy per unit of electricity consumed. High light intensity promotes vigorous plant growth, enhances photosynthesis, and increases yields. This efficiency translates into lower energy costs, making it an economical choice for both commercial and home growers. Benefits of the Color Spectrum The fixture features four fully controllable spectrum channels—UV, White, Deep Red, and Far Red—providing the flexibility to dial in the exact light recipe your plants need. UV (Ultraviolet): UV light stimulates the production of essential oils and resins, enhancing the flavor, aroma, and overall quality of your crops. It also helps in controlling mold and mildew, ensuring healthier plants. White Light: Mimicking natural sunlight, white light supports all stages of plant growth, from seedling to flowering. It provides a balanced spectrum that enhances overall plant health and growth. Deep Red: Deep red light is crucial for the flowering and fruiting stages of plant development. It promotes the production of flowers and fruits, leading to higher yields and better-quality produce. Far Red: Far red light influences plant morphology, encouraging stem elongation and leaf expansion. This spectrum is essential for optimizing canopy penetration, ensuring that light reaches the lower parts of the plants, promoting uniform growth. With the TrolMaster HCS-2/3 controller, you can fully control these spectrum channels, tailoring the light to the specific needs of your plants at different growth stages. The external control capability allows for the management of up to 256 fixtures per channel, making it a versatile solution for large-scale operations. In summary, this high-performance LED grow light not only maximizes energy efficiency but also enhances plant growth through its innovative design and spectrum flexibility, ensuring your plants receive the precise light they need for optimal growth and yields. Spec Sheet Download
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ThinkGrow Model-V 350 Watt LED Grow Light for Veg
ThinkGrow Model-V 350 Watt LED Grow Light for Veg $ 787.50 $ 924.00
Model-V LED Grow Light The Model-V is a high-performance LED grow light engineered for horticultural cultivation. It is specifically designed to support vegetative cultivation practices and is ideal for both commercial cultivators and home hobbyists, particularly those cultivating without CO2 supplementation. Key Features Full Spectrum Design: Provides comprehensive coverage for all critical growth phases, from vegetative to flowering stages. Independent Far Red Channel: Features a 730nm Far Red channel to target Phytochrome Far Red.Far Red light introduction post-lights-off can extend the dark period, promoting the flowering process based on scientific research. Benefits Optimized Plant Development: The full spectrum design ensures that plants receive the appropriate light for each growth phase, enhancing overall development and yield. Enhanced Flowering Process:  The independent Far Red channel supports advanced photomorphogenic lighting applications, crucial for encouraging the flowering process. Versatility:  Suitable for various cultivation environments, whether for commercial or home use. Application Vegetative Cultivation: Perfect for growers focusing on the vegetative stage, ensuring robust and healthy plant development. Commercial and Hobbyist Use:  Designed to meet the needs of both large-scale commercial operations and small-scale home cultivation setups. The Model-V LED Grow Light combines advanced features and versatility to meet the diverse needs of cultivators, ensuring optimal growth and flowering processes. Spec Sheet Download Product Manual Download Specifications PPF:  900 µmolls Efficacy:  2.6 µmol/J Input Power:  350W (Full Spectrum) / 10W (Far Red) Power Factor:  >=90% Fixture Dimensions/ 45"Lx44.6" Wx4.44" H  Mounting Height:  >= 6"  Above Canopy Lifetime:  > 54,000 hrs Warranty:  5 Years Standard Warranty Input Voltage:  Autosensing 100-277 V  Amp Draw:  12 0V /2.63A, 24 0V /1.34A, 277 V /1.2A Weight 23.62 lbs
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ThinkGrow Model-W 630W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
ThinkGrow Model-W 630W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light $ 1,155.00 $ 1,361.00
The Model-W is a high performance LED grow light for the horticul­ture cultivation. It is designed for high PPFD cultivation practices. Full spectrum design covers each critical phase of growth from vegetative to flowering. An independent Far Red 730nm channel is designed to target Phytochrome Far Red in photomorphogenic lighting applica­tions. Base on research, introducing far-red light after the lights have been turned off can lengthen the dark period to encourage the flowering process.  The Full spectrum design covers each critical phase of growth from vegetative to flowering. An independent Far Red 730nm channel is designed to target Phytochrome Far Red in photomorphogenic lighting applications. ThinkGrow Model W Spectrum   On-Board DimmingGroup ControlExternal ControllabilityIP56 WaterproofPlug and PlayOutstanding EfficiencyFull Spectrum Design ThinkGrow Model W Spec Sheet ThinkGrow Model W Product Manual ThinkGrow Model W Product Brochure Specifications:  PPF: 1600 umols Efficacy: 2.6 umols/j Input Power: Max 630W (Full Spectrum)/ 20W (Far Red)  Power Factor: >=9% Fixture Dimensions: 45"L x44.6"W x4.44"H Mounting Height: > 6"  Above Canopy Lifetime: > 55,000 hrs Warranty: 5 Year Warranty Input Voltage: Autosensing 100-277  Amp Draw:L 120V /5.26A, 240V /2.68A, 277V /2.38A Fixture Weight: 38.8 lbs 

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