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Forever Green Indoors Rebate and Energy Conservation Services

Forever Green Indoors specializes in retrofitting high-intensity discharge (HID) grow lights with energy-efficient LED grow lights. This retrofit service provides customers with a 30-40% reduction in energy expenses. The company supports commercial growers by offering tailored lighting solutions, utility rebate assistance, and expert guidance on maximizing energy efficiency.

Reasons to Choose Forever Green Indoors:

  • Significant Cost Savings: Customers can achieve a 30-40% reduction in energy expenses.

  • Utility Rebates: The company assists with utility rebate submissions, potentially covering up to 100% of lighting costs.

  • Expert Support: Professional guidance by Nxt Level 1 trained professionals, through the entire rebate and installation process.

  • High-Quality Products: Wholesale commercial LED grow lights designed for optimal plant growth and energy efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Services: From lighting layout and design to financing plans and installation management.

Benefits of Forever Green Indoors LED Grow Lights

  • Energy Efficiency: LEDs consume less power, significantly reducing electricity bills.

  • Improved Plant Growth: Tailored light spectrums enhance plant health and yield.

  • Longevity: LED lights have a longer lifespan compared to traditional HID lights.

  • Lower Heat Emission: LEDs produce less heat, reducing cooling costs and the risk of plant damage.

  • Environmental Impact: Reduced energy consumption contributes to a lower carbon footprint.

    By switching to Forever Green Indoors' LED grow lights, customers in various regions can see significant reductions in their energy expenses, making their indoor gardening operations more cost-effective and sustainable.

  • Connect with Forever Green to get started.

  • We do all the legwork, contact your utility and help with applications.

  • Utility confirms rebate and issues an Agreement to grower.

  • Lights selected, invoiced, delivered and installed.

  • Utility confirms installation and pays rebate.

This custom lighting calculator provides an estimate based on national averages for grow light rebates retrofitting from HID’s.

LED Grow Lighting Rebate Calculator

LED Grow Lighting Rebate Calculator

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