New! The HT-02 Uniformity Pro 640 by FGI. Our Largest LED Grow Light.

New! The HT-02 Uniformity Pro 640 by FGI. Our Largest LED Grow Light.


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Arriving January 31st.

New for 2020, built in controller connectivity for 0-10V dimming. Works with the new FGI LED Dimming Controllers. Program Sunrise, Sunset, variable dimming and more. Daisy chain two to many Uniformity Pros to control your grow. 

About the Uniformity Pro:

Forever Green Indoors, a pioneer in indoor LED grow light design and manufacturing in Washington State, brings you our most uniform, sun-like full spectrum LED grow light. Designed by FGI, and contract manufactured for us in Asia using the highest quality of materials and workmanship. We're proud of the Uniformity Pro and can't wait for you to try growing with one.

This cool LED grow light is excellent for all plant types. At full intensity its ideal for flowering phases of plant growth. Nearly 1300 umols/ms (ppfd @ 6” as compared to Fluence advertised ppfd @ 6”) of photosythetic light output. Fully dimmed it is excellent for seedling or young clones. Just 190 umols/ms of PAR.

We've built everything we know about growing into this full size 4' x 4' lamp. It's easy to handle and hang. Best of all we stand behind everything we make. If you are not fully satisfied we'll buy it back.

The FGI Uniformity Pro. Give your plants the gifts that Mother Nature provides in the wild.


 FGI Uniformity Pro Product Overview 


FGI Uniformity Pro Unboxing


Uniformity Pro Construction

Dual LED diode design creates the ideal grow spectrum for indoor plants. 8 bars create perfect light uniformity on canopy. 

The FGI Uniformity Pro was designed with one thing in mind: healthy, happy plants. The keys to indoor growing are light spectrum (providing as much of the suns spectral color as possible), light uniformity (spreading the light evenly over the plant canopy) and intensity (plants require different intensity during different growth phases).

FGI Uniformity Pro Par Map

FGI Uniformity Pro Par Map 12" from canopy

FGI Uniformity Pro Multiple Unit Par Map


FGI Uniformity Pro Par Map Multiple Units Side By Side

The UP uses our dual diode design. 3200 full spectrum Samsung LM281B neutral white diodes in 4000K CCT and 88 CRI paired with 48 Cree 660nm red diodes creates FGI's grow spectrum. Tried and true, nothing new or experimental about our spectral design - this spectrum can be found in all our lighting. Over 10,000 units sold.

FGI's time tested and proven full spectrum appears in our full line of grow lights.


Competitive Overview

5% Larger Diode Surface Area than Fluence or Gavita. Increased uniformity = increased yields.







FGI Uniformity Pro

Photopic Light Measurements

Luminous Flux*: 92,000

Luminous Flux Efficacy*: 144


Brand name Samsung: LM281B

Number of pieces: 3200

Model/Part number: white

CCT: 4000K

CRI: 80

Other color Diodes

Brand Name: Osram

Number of pieces: 48

Model/Part number: deep red

CCT: 660nm

Ratio mix white/red (%): 3200:48

Lifetime: (L-90) - in hours L90B50 @ 36000HRS

Photosynthetic Light Measurements

PPF Output*: 1600

PPF Efficacy*: 2.56


Input Power: 640 watts

Input Voltage: 120-277

Plug type: 110/220/277 (not included)

Cord length: 10'

Size and Weight

Physical Dimensions W x L x H (inches): 47x47x4

Weight (lbs): 37

Packaging Dimensions W x L x H (inches): 50x30x7 (folded)

Weight (pounds): 43


Operating Temp range: (F) 33-104

IP rating: Wet IP67

BTU output: 2450

Dimming (Yes/No):Yes

Light Controller module: Bluetooth Mesh


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