Case Pack. FGI Ace of Spades Premium Myco Grow Bags. Multi pack. 30 packs. 300 total bags.

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Case Pack. FGI Ace of Spades Premium Myco Grow Bags. Multi pack. 30 packs. 300 total bags.

$ 449.00 $ 898.00

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Our premium bags are crafted with advanced technology for increased durability. Expertly designed after extensive mycologist input. Unmatched thickness and size. Includes double wall injection port. 

Our top-quality Ace Of Spades Premium Myco Grow Bags were made for discerning mycologists. Avoid contamination using Ace's and ensure successful sterilization with our reliable bags.

Our design specifications called for heavier duty premium grade polypropylene material.

The filter includes a finer nylon mesh that improves airflow and particle filtration, especially from airborne contams.

Ours come in a standard size of 8' x 5' x 20' x 8 Mil and have neatly trimmed and upgraded welded seams for rugged structural integrity.

Suitable for various mushroom cultivation purposes, our bags have a thicker PP gauge and increased load-bearing capacity, stand up to higher temperatures, pressures and won't fail during sterilization. 

Designed and built by Forever Green Indoors for Mycologists who need ruggedly built dependable mushroom grow tech. 


Advanced Air Exchange Design: These bags have a 0.2-micron filter patch, allowing for proper air exchange and preventing contamination, promoting ideal conditions for mushroom growth.

Upgraded inoculation port : Our grow bags have a double walled self-healing injection port for easy inoculation with spores or liquid culture using a syringe. Just add your preferred liquid culture and you're ready to grow. Compare our port to most bags on the market without double wall protection, typically an externally glued patch, and it's clear that our design will stand up to industrial heavy duty use.

Engineering standards: Constructed with durable materials and reinforced with advanced plastic seam welding techniques, our premium Myco Grow Bags are made of high-quality PP material, able to withstand high-pressure sterilization with 10-25 PSI pressure (1.5-2 kg/cm²) and temperatures up to 262°F (128°C). Significantly higher tolerances than our competition. 

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