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FGI Factory Direct:  Hortibest H3 2x4 Full Spectrum 170W LED Grow Light System for Veg. Linkable.
FGI Factory Direct: Hortibest H3 2x4 Full Spectrum 170W LED Grow Light System for Veg. Linkable. $ 499.00 $ 499.00
Unlock a new level of savings with our premium quality factory-direct FGI Hortibest LED grow lights. Get great performance at prices that cut out the middle man. Shop and experience the Hortibest difference. Hortibest H3 Slimline 170W Veg LED Grow Light. Perfect for a 4' x 2' space, this veg light is AC daisy chainable for easy installation. With a highly uniform PPFD value, it's ideal for vegetative growth, and the slim design means it won't take up too much space in your grow room. Don't let your plants suffer from poor lighting - invest in a Hortibest LED grow light today! Highlights: Fanless Design IP65 Water and dust resistent Dimmable: 0-10V Daisy Chain Dimming Daisy Chain AC Power Connection OSRAM LED Diodes Input Voltage:120-277VAC Slim Internal Power Supply Design Uniform PPFD distribution over a 2'x4' area DLC listed  The Hortibest Octopus H3 will help your plants reach their full potential. With a sturdy, sleek internal driver design, and a range of adjustable settings, this grow light is sure to give your plants the boost they need to grow strong and healthy. If you're ooking for a gentle, uniform light spectrum perfect for veg phase growth, look no further than Hortibest's Octopus H3. The H3 is designed to completely cover a 4' wide tray with consistent light distribution, making it perfect for your indoor horticulture needs. With PPFD of 500 umols/ms, your plants will be getting the ideal amount of light for optimal growth. Don't let sub-par lighting stop you from getting the most out of your plants - trust the Octopus H3 for all your veg growing needs.  Link to PDF spec sheet Tech Specs: DLC Listed: H3 170W: OC-H-170A FSG 26 D1 170W 2.5 umols/j PPF 425 umos/ms Osram LED Diodes  Proprietary built in driver (enclosed in light rails) AC power pass through for AC Daisy Chain Dimensions: 47 x 18 x 2 inches Weight: 7.9Ibs  Built in pre-set dimming knob + on/off Dimming: 0-10V Daisy Chain. RJ-14 light to light cable included L90: > 50,000hrs Saftey Certiification: ETL  
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Square 2 LED Grow Light. 220W. High Output. 2'x2'. With Far Red Too.
Forever Green Indoors
FGI Square 2 LED Grow Light. 220W full spectrum plus far red diodes. $ 149.00 $ 195.00
Affordable, compact, extended far red spectrum LED grow light for plants of all types.    Growing tomatoe starts with the FGI Square 2   The FGI Square 2 is an excellent entry level LED grow light for those looking to give their plants the sun's energy. Unlike other lights on today’s market that only provide certain colors needed by plant life (or lack thereof), this one provides all the necessary components: red, orange, yellow green and blue spectrum which together make up the building blocks for successful photosynthesis (and closely matches our sun).  If you are looking for an easy to use LED to learn how to grow any plant types indoors, look no further than the FGI Square 2. Well loved by gardeners everywhere. Designed in the USA by Forever Green Indoors in Seattle WA. Plant lighting LED light experts since 2013. Use the Square 2 to grow all types of plants. Placing the light closer to the plants provides enough energy to match the summer sun. Pulling the light further away, or using the built in dimming, provides the right energy for starts and seedlings.  Learn more about the FGI Square 2 on our YouTube Channel here:  The Square 2 is one of the more efficient grow lights on today's market, using only 220 watts! This means it can produce far less heat than higher wattage lamps. We designed it to deliver the perfect balance of light. It's full spectrum white LEDs help plants grow healthy while adding 5% total deep as well as far-red diodes for an extended range that will optimize your plant growth! Key Features:  Compact size: 20" x 20" x 3" Lightweight: 10 lbs  Built in dimming knob: Adjusts levels for young to mature plants.  Spectrum: Full spectrum plus 5% 660nm deep red plust 730nm far red LED diodes.  Includes: 110V power cord. Two clip and steel cable wire hangars. Product manual.    Technical  PAR Chart at 24" From Diodes The right kind of light can make all the difference for your plants. Flowers, fruits and other high energy use types require levels as high as 1000 PPFD - a measurement that approximates natural sunlight. Spectrum From Our Sun   We design grow lights to closely mimic natural sunlight (shown above). Although it's not possible to exactly duplicate a giant burning ball of hydrogen, we get as close as possible with the Square 2.   Spectrum from the Square 2     Don't wait! We have limited stock on this LED. Buy yours today.     ~Technical Specs~ProductDiodes (White) Brand name: Shenzhen LidedaNumber of pieces 360Total Diode Wattage Capacity (not actual draw) 300WMaximum Advertised Wattage 300Equivalent Wattage 1000CCT 4000KCRI 80CRIOther color Diodes (Red)Brand Name: Shenzhen LidedaNumber of pieces 96CCT NAWavelength 655-665nmOther color Diodes (FR) Brand Name: Shenzhen LidedaNumber of pieces 24CCT NAWavelength 730-745nmRatio mix white/red (%) 3:1Projected Diode Lifetime (L-90) - in hours 50,000 hoursPhotosynthetic Light Measurements PPF Output* 436.1 umol/sPPF Efficacy* PPF 2.1umol/J PPFD Output 900 umols/ms at 24" below diodesPhotopic Light MeasurementsLuminous Flux* 30342lmLuminous Flux Efficacy 151.7lm/wOther Input Power Watts 218Input Voltage 110VCord length 8' (2.44m, 18AWG )Plug type (note if bare whip) Molded 110VProduct Dimensions Dimensions W x L x H (inches) 20x20x3.5Weight (pounds) 10Operating Temp range (F) -20℃ — +40℃IP rating (UL-ETL or estimated final UL-ETL)IP(UL- UL-ETL) IP20Physical Dimensions Package Dimension W x L x H (inches) 24x23x5Inner carton (Yes/No) NOInner Carton Weight NOMaster Outer carton (Yes/No) YESNumber of pieces in Master Carton (1, 2, 3) 1Master carton weight (lbs) 2Dimming / Tuning Dimming (Yes/No) YesProduct Warranty (against manufacturing defects) 3 years Warranty does not include coverage for damage caused by water or exposure to VOC's or electrical damage caused by voltage spikes. We recommend using a basic power surge suppressor such as those found on power strips to protect your light from utility power outages. 
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FGI Square 320W Smart LED Grow light full spectrum plus dark red booster built-in
Forever Green Indoors
FGI Square 320W SMART LED Grow Light With 730nm Far Red Spectrum $ 295.00 $ 329.00
Boost Your Grow with FGI Square 3 WiFi LED Grow Light Maximize yields with smart, full-spectrum lighting Optimized for Maximum Growth The FGI Square 3 WiFi LED Grow Light delivers exceptional full-spectrum lighting, including a 730nm far-red booster to enhance flowering and fruiting. Designed for both professional and hobbyist growers, this 320W light ensures robust plant health and growth. Innovative Features: Full Spectrum Lighting: Covers all essential light wavelengths for vegetative and flowering stages. 730nm Far-Red Diodes: Promotes flowering and fruiting for higher yields. WiFi Connectivity: Control your grow light from anywhere using the free app. High PAR Output: Ensures efficient light distribution and maximum plant absorption. Energy Efficient: Low power consumption with high output. Why Choose FGI Square 3? Enhanced Plant Growth: Tailored light spectrum boosts photosynthesis and plant development. Smart Control: Manage light settings remotely, providing flexibility and convenience. Durable and Reliable: Built with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance. Proven Spectrum: Compare our plant growth spectrum to other lighting types. SMART WiFi Enabled  Use our exclusive Wi-Fi module for additional expanded capabilities.  Convenience and Flexibility: Remote Management: Control the light settings from anywhere using a smartphone app. Adjust intensity, schedules, and spectrum without being physically present. Real-Time Monitoring: Monitor the status of your grow lights in real-time, ensuring optimal conditions for your plants at all times. Custom Schedules: Create custom lighting schedules to mimic natural sunlight cycles, promoting healthier growth. Energy Efficiency: Adjust light settings to optimize energy use, reducing electricity costs. Integration with Smart Systems: Connect with other smart devices for a fully automated grow room. Our customers like Smart control for:  Travel Convenience: If you're away from your grow room, you can still adjust lighting schedules to adapt to changing conditions or plant needs. Efficiency for Commercial Growers: Manage multiple grow lights across different locations from a single device, streamlining operations and ensuring consistency. Immediate Response: Receive alerts for any issues (like power outages) and make instant adjustments to prevent potential plant stress or damage.  Photosynthetic Light Output Charts  PAR readings with the lights at three different distances. At 24" expect PPFD to be above 1000 /ms, but not as uniform.   Square 3 Product Manual  Wifi Controller Manual and Troubleshooting Guide  SPECIFICATIONS FGI Square 3 WiFi LED Grow LightDiodes (White)Diodes Brand name: Shenzhen Lideda Number of pieces 960 CCT 4000K CRI 80CRI Other color Diodes (Red) Brand Name: Shenzhen Lideda Number of pieces 256 CCT NA Wavelength 655-665nm Other color Diodes (FR) Brand Name: Shenzhen Lideda Number of pieces 64 CCT NA Wavelength 730-745nm Ratio mix white/red (%) 3:1Product Warranty/Longevity Warranty (years) 5 years Lifetime (L-90) - in hours 50,000 hours Photosynthetic Light Measurements PPF Output* 1120 umol/s PPF Efficacy* PPF 2.38umols/j Photopic Light Measurements Luminous Flux* 67,000 lm Luminous Flux Efficacy 168 lm/w Other Input Power Watts 320W Input Voltage 110V Cord length 8' (2.44m, 18AWG ) Plug type (note if bare whip) Molded 110V Product Dimensions Dimensions W x L x H (inches) 22 x 22 x 3.5 Weight (pounds) 13 Operating Temp range (F) -20℃ — +40℃ IP rating IP20 Rating CSAPhysical Dimensions Package Dimension W x L x H (inches) 27 x 26 x 6.5 Dimming / Tuning: Push button / Wifi App Product Warranty: 3 years against defects. See our warranty policy page for details. 
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FGI Flexi-clone LED grow light for seedlings and plant starts
Forever Green Indoors
FGI 4’ 20W LED grow light set for clones and seedlings. Linkable. $ 89.95 $ 110.00
The FGI Flexi-Clone LED grow light is designed to give plant starts the best chance of succeeding. Featuring quality made LED lighting for a reliable outcome, this light is perfect for seedlings, clones, and plant starts. Our 4' long grow bars are able to interconnect, or can be used independently.  Link additional bars side-by-side to increase photosynthetic light intensity. Two bars are perfect for new starts. Four bars work well for younger plants or more light sensitive varieties.  Combine up to 30 Flexi-Clone bars on a single 120/240V plug to run your entire plant propagation area without needing dozens of sockets.  High quality all aluminum construction. Solid state, fanless and driverless design.  LED diodes protected from moisture with a conformal coating. Accidental spray won't affect them at all.  3 year warranty against defects.  Water resistant light to light connectors. Clip on hanging bracket included.  Compare the Flexi-Clone to other plastic seedling lights and you'll see why people choose the flexi-clone system instead. Here is our grow light spectrum compared to the sun and other lighting styles. You can see why plants thrive under our grow spectrum. We more closely match natural sunlight.  The FlexiClone system is fantastic. Your plants will love this light.  Sold as as set of two bars, use two of the Flexi-clone bars to cover 4' x 2' of area.  We stand behind our lights with a 365 day money back guarantee.   Unboxing and Installation Video  ~Technical Specs~ Product FGI Flexi Clone LED Grow Light (set of two) Light Source LED Spectrum 4506 CCT Warm White / Neutral White mixPhotosynthetic Light MeasurementsPPF Output* 69 umols/ms PPF Efficacy* 2.30 Umol/sec/wPPFD @ 12" 115 Umol/m²/sFixture coverage ( max intensity / max uniformity )* 4' x 1' per LED / 4' x 2' per set of two LEDsPhotopic Light MeasurementsLuminous Flux* 8,229 LumensLuminous Flux Efficacy* 136.2 Lm/wIlluminance @ 12" 32,069 LuxOtherInput Power 25 watts per barInput Voltage 100-277VAC autosensingDimensions 47.2”x 1.89”x 1.3”Weight 1.1 lbsOperating Temp range 32 F - 104 FThermal Management PassiveRecommended Mounting height 12" for one set. Add additional bars to increase light levels and mounting heights. Dimming / Tuning No Product Warranty (see our warranty here) 3 years
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FGI Flexiclone LED Power Cord
Forever Green Indoors
FGI Flexiclone LED Power Cord $ 12.95 $ 12.95
110V power cord for operating the FGI Flexiclone LED bars individually. One cord comes with every set of two Flexiclone LEDs. This cord allows for separate operation of each LED bar. 

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