FGI FlexiClone 25w Pair Of LED Grow Lights 4x2 For Starts

FGI FlexiClone 25w Pair Of LED Grow Lights 4x2 For Growing Cuttings & Seedlings & Starts


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Quality Made LED Lighting For Healthy Clones and Starts


Introducing our new FGI Flexi-Clone LEDs. Each set is linkable to a single 110V connection (220V optional with an accessory plug installed). Daisy chain up to 60 bars to run your entire plant propagation area.  

We've designed this light to provide perfect light intensity and an ideal spectrum for growing cuttings and clones. 


Compare to other plastic clone/seedling lights and you'll see why people choose the flexi-clone system instead. At Forever Green we design lights here in the USA based on feedback from experienced growers. Each design is tested in actual commercial grow facilities to ensure the work great. The FlexiClone system is awesome. Your plants will love this light. 


Our new 25 watt LED grow light set is ideal for clones and young veg plants. Each bar covers a 4' long by 12" wide area at 12-15" from the top of the plants/seedlings. 

Sold as as set of two bars, use two of the Flexi-clone bars to cover 4' long shelves and up to 24" of width.


Using our tried a true light spectrum recipe, we use neutral white and cool white diodes to create the ideal environment for young plants. 

Daisy chain up to 30 Flexi-clone bars on a single 110V plug in (or optionally remove the 110V plug and instead use 220V power and daisy chain up to 60 bars). 


 Unboxing and Installation Video 

 LUXX vs FGI Clone LEDs




FGI Flexi Clone LED Grow Light (set of two)

Light Source



4506 CCT Warm White / Neutral White mix

Photosynthetic Light Measurements

PPF Output*

69 umols/ms

PPF Efficacy*

2.30 Umol/sec/w

PPFD @ 12"

115 Umol/m²/s

Fixture coverage ( max intensity / max uniformity )*

4' x 1' per LED / 4' x 2' per set of two LEDs

Photopic Light Measurements
Luminous Flux*

8,229 Lumens

Luminous Flux Efficacy*

136.2 Lm/w

Illuminance @ 12"

32,069 Lux


Input Power

25 watts 

Input Voltage

100-277VAC autosensing


47.2”x 1.89”x 1.3”


1.1 lbs

Operating Temp range

32 F - 104 F

Thermal Management


Recommended Mounting height


Dimming / Tuning


Product Warranty (see our warranty here)

5 years

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