FGI CTB-6 Uniformity Pro B-Type 660W-720W Commercial Grow Light

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FGI CTB-6 Uniformity Pro B-Type 660W-720W Commercial Grow Light

$ 1,195.00 $ 1,195.00

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Our new FGI CTB-6 F-Type (bloom spectrum) is the best grow light we've ever sold. It outperforms all others in its class. So good we're calling them Uniformity Pro, a long line of top performing LEDs from Forever Green Indoors. 

Premium commercial grade LED grow lighting by CABA Tech, experienced grow light electrical engineers here in Washington. Tested extensively in the field by experienced growers. (See installs on the YouTube link below).

Built to last with premium quality components. They don't build them like this anymore. Full five year warranty. 

We purchased the entire production run and have over 1000 in stock. Exclusively available from Forever Green Indoors. 


 Product Unboxing Video 


Build Quality

  • The CTB-6 660W commercial grow light is constructed to ensure long term performance in any environment.  
  • Heavy duty aluminum enclosure for drivers and controls. Aluminum tube frame that folds open. 
  • Multiple 277 watt solid state drivers power three different LED diode colors. Drivers are digitally programmed to output our patented grow spectrum. Warm white, cool white and red LEDs are tuned perfectly for plant growth indoors.
  • All electrical connections are sealed and epoxied to prevent moisture from affecting the light long term. Diodes are sealed with multiple conformal coatings to protect from VOC's in the grow space. 
  • Photometric tests downloads are below.

We're so confident that you'll love this LED that we are extending a 12 month money back guarantee for all units purchased online, here on our site. Volume purchase pricing available. Contact us for a quote.

1 year money back guarantee

This product comes with a 12 month, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


Control Options

  • Any 0-10V controller. Dims to off.
  • FGI dimming controller - requires wiring harness. 
  • TrolMaster Hydro X
  • Recommended bundle; TrolMaster Hydro X plus LMA-14 Lighting Adapter. Controls up to 60 CTB-6 grow lights. Or add a second LMA-14 on the second channel to control 60 more. All available here on our shopping site (see below).


  • 720W Boost Mode
  • Variable dimming knob. 
  • Latest in Lumiled 3535 and Osram long life diodes
  • 1617 PPF @2.58 umols/j (1640 in boost mode)
  • Lifud solid state digital drivers. 
  • Patented grow spectrum controlled by multiple drivers
  • Folds open for easy install
  • Includes rope hangers and heavy duty cable connectors. 
  • 110-277 VAC - includes 120V and 240V plug adapters. No special wiring required.
  • Power cord included.

PAR MAP at 24" (Best Uniformity)

The CTB-6 demonstrates the most uniform light spread of any multibar LED. At 24" the uniformity is perfect over 16sf of canopy. At 18" PAR increases to 1100 umols/ms. 

Isoline view demonstrates light uniformity across bands of PPFD (created in AGI32 by Lighting  Analysts) 800-1100 umols/ms




This light is offered in two custom spectrum formulas. Full Spectrum and Bloom Spectrum. Bloom spectrum has 24% additional red and far red output. 



Our Bloom Spectrum version includes 15% more 600-700nm wavelengths than our Full Spectrum version. This is accomplished by supplying additional power to the independent warm white LED driver, while reducing power to the cool white LED diodes. Our B-Type model produces 5% more PPF output, in the orange, red spectrum range.

DLC listed for commercial lighting rebates. We provide rebate program management to maximize your money back. Contact us to learn more. 


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Spec Sheet Download 

Tear Sheet Download 

Photometric Test Reports  (Boost mode, 50% and 100% power)


DLC Model: CTB6-660W-R1-SH-FS


5 year warranty. 

Diodes: Lumiled & Osram Full Spectrum, Top Bin Long Life 

CCT: 3850

CRI: 86

Drivers: Lifud 277W (3 per light)

Tuning: Locked in patented light recipe. Bloom and Full Spectrum Versions.

Wattage: 660w-720w boost mode output 

Voltage: 100-277V AC Autoswitching

Plugs: 220-240V Nema Plug. 110-120V Accessory Plugs Included

Coverage: 4x4 with CO2. 5x5 No CO2

Dimensions: 47" x 43" x 4" 

Hanging Hardware: Rope hangers & Steel V hangers included.

Bars: 6 LED bars, conformal coatings. 

Cooling: Fanless passive heavy duty design

Weight: 37 lbs

Controller: Optional 


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