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We help design some of the largest and most productive grow facilities in the world.

From room layout to lighting plans and partnering with energy utilities for rebates.

Forever Green Indoors is the plant lighting expert to choose.

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Customer Testimonials

“In over 15 years of growing I have never seen organic soil indoor plants this healthy or grow this fast until I got these 185w LED Lightbars from Forever Green Indoors.”

Olympia, Wa Grower -  2 APR 2017

“Truly an amazing grow. These flowers are gigantic. We have completed the trimming on the LED side and very impressed with how dense the actual flowers are. They are covered in crystals and every bud was large.

Salkum WA Grower  - 15 SEP 2014

"We've bought light fixtures three different times and the best product and services was when we used Forever Green Indoors (FGI). They have the best fixtures available, the highest PAR PPF efficacy.

NW Washington Grower  -  12 Nov 2017