FGI Far Red LED Grow Light Set 44” Commercial-grade 700-760nm. Set of two.

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FGI Far Red LED Grow Light Set 44” Commercial-grade 700-760nm. Set of two.

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Elevate Your Plant Growth

The FGI Far Red LED Grow Light is a top-tier solution designed to significantly enhance plant growth by delivering 730nm far red energy, which is crucial for optimal photosynthesis.

Unlike cheaper 660nm red LEDs, which fail to produce this specific wavelength, the FGI light effectively stimulates growth processes that are otherwise neglected.

Its robust, commercial-grade construction guarantees exceptional durability and consistent performance, making it the 730nm choice for both amateur and professional growers seeking to maximize their yields and improve plant health.

Scientific Benefits

Far-red light (700-760nm) is crucial for optimal plant growth, enhancing photosynthesis and increasing plant size. Studies, such as those from the University of Texas, show that “far-red light boosts overall plant mass and terpene profiles.

It improves light absorption, influences leaf angle, and promotes higher yields.”  Read the study here.

Far Red light is believed to create a competitive response in plants, pushing desirable terpene production and assisting in the formation of trichomes.  

The Emerson Effect

Using far-red light just before nighttime increases photosynthesis, cell division, and growth. Implementing a 10-15 minute far-red light cycle after full spectrum lights are off can optimize your growing environment.

Recommended Use

Ideal for 4x4 grow spaces, this light is easy to install with included hardware, ensuring full coverage and enhanced PPFD delivery.


With an low Amp draw at .3 amps, we recommend these units are operated on standard 110V receptacles. One dedicated 15 amp circuit can safely operate more than 30 units. Standard service outlets for fans can easily be used to operate as many units as needed. Standard wall timers can serve as on/off, or they can be connected to Smart plugs, or TrolMaster 4RS-1 Outlet Expansion Module. 

 Customer Reviews

John D.:  “My plants have never been healthier. The far-red light truly makes a difference."

Sarah P.: Excellent quality! This light has transformed my growing setup."

Far Red Spectrum

~Technical Specs~

Power: 30W

Amps: .3 @ 110V, .14@ 220V

PPF: 72.1 umols/s

Voltage; 100-277VAC, 50/60 Hz

Size: 44.88” x 2.24” x 1.53”

Weight: 4.4 lbs


IP65: water resistant sealed case 


Photometric Test Report Download 

Product Warranty (see our warranty here)

3 year warranty

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