FGI Uniformity Pro Flex Smart 630W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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FGI Uniformity Pro Flex Smart 630W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

$ 699.00 $ 895.00

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FGI Uniformity Pro Flex WiFi Controlled 630W LED Grow Light with WeatherEFX.

This high-performance LED light is ideal for use in both commercial and home grow operations, and offers a number of features that make it a top choice for professional growers.

The Uniformity Pro Flex uses cutting-edge technology to deliver superior light uniformity across the entire footprint, making it an ideal choice for evenly lit grow spaces. With full spectrum white light plus red and adjustable output levels, this grow light can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your plants.

"This light really does deliver"

But don't take our word for it...check out the product review from Migro: "The best uniformity figure of any fixture I've ever tested". And, "An order of magnitude better, in terms of light uniformity". And, "It does really push the limits in terms of PAR intensity in a 4x4 grow area". Shane. 

Looking to get the most out of your grow lights? The WeatherEFX LED Grow Lighting Controller can help you mimic natural sunlight conditions, promoting healthy plant growth.

Wifi Controller Manual and Troubleshooting Guide 

The controller uses weather data to adjust the light intensity and spectrum of your LEDs, simulating changing light conditions throughout the day. 

You can also create custom on/off schedules and scenarios, such as sunrise/sunset, to further customize your lighting. Plus, the controller's Cloud Intelligence feature allows you to check in on your lights from anywhere.

Take your garden to the next level with more natural lighting using FGI's weatherEFX.

Learn about Cloud Intelligence and our Wifi Controller on our YouTube Channel here:






The WeatherEFX concept in science is based on the idea that changes in weather can have a significant impact on plant growth and development. The term was first coined by botanists studying the effect of leaf shading and competitive growth responses in subalpine herbs. They found that a reduction in sunlight due to clouds results in increased water status and CO2 uptake throughout the day. This allows plants to benefit from the periodic reduction of evaporative demand that results from natural periods of intermittent shade.

WeatherEFX has since been applied to other areas of research, including agriculture, where it is used to study how changes in precipitation and temperature can affect crop yields. It is also being used to investigate how extreme weather events, such as heat waves and drought. 

The Flex is a top-quality grow light that won't break the bank? Check out the FGI Uniformity Pro grow light with IOT Control. This lightweight (just 30 lbs) and slim (3" deep) grow light is perfect for 4x4 spaces, and its cool design means it won't add too much heat to your grow room. The four push button dimming settings allow you to customize the light intensity to suit your plants' needs, while the red booster spectrum helps you grow larger, denser flowers. Super bright full spectrum 4000K diodes operate at an efficent 2.3umols/j plus 660nm red energy.



PAR Map @ 16" from canopy
FGI Spectrum 
Product Manuals:
~Technical Specs~


630 W

1600 PPF 

2.60 umols/j

120V Plug Included

Voltage               120V    208V    230V    277V

AC Current          5.47A   3.18A    2.87A   2.47A
AC Power            630W   615W   590W   572W
Power Factor       0.966    0.950    0.920   0.883

SIZE:  46" x 43" x 5"
30 Lbs

Warm White + Cool White + 660 NM Red
80 CRI

2,640 Ttl
Ratio: 65:33:2 (warm/cool/red)

IP65 Damp Rated

DLC Listed

CSA Certified Product

Warranty: 5 years

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