FGI Uniformity Pro 640w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 1600ppf 2.4 umols/j 4x4 Samsung+Inventronics (Copy)

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FGI Uniformity Pro 640w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 1600ppf 2.4 umols/j 4x4 Samsung+Inventronics (Copy)

$ 995.00 $ 995.00

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The Uniformity Pro 640 was designed to be the best built, longest lasting 4' x 4' LED on the market today.

Fully water resistant wiring connections, heavy duty all aluminum bars, sealed crystal lens diode covers, in an easy to install folding frame. We use the highest quality and latest Samsung LM301B top bin diodes to create the FGI grow spectrum.

We overbuild our lights intentionally so they will last for years and years in harsh grow environments. AT 37 lbs this unit is best in class for construction. Wet rated means it's okay to receive accidental over-spray.

Suitable for vertical racks, over trays and benches or in 4' x 4' or larger grow tents.

For use with the FGI Dimming Controller for light management and scheduling.


• All wiring connections are sealed with IP68 waterproof connections.

• The LED diodes are covered with gorilla glass like crystal lens coverings.

• Bars are heavy duty extruded aluminum.

• 1600 umols/s total PPF output.

• Nearly 1300 umols/ms of usable photosynthetic light output at 9-12".


Learn more about the FGI Uniformity Pro on our YouTube Channel here: 

Our LED diode mix creates the ideal grow spectrum for indoor plants. 3200 full spectrum Samsung LM301H neutral white diodes in 4000K CCT. The white diodes are paired with 48 Osram Osolon Hyper Red Square 660nm diodes, from Osram's horticulture optimized LED diode line.

Each light comes with a 10' power cord. It also comes with a 4' connection cable allowing you to control a network of lights with various lighting controllers.

Our FGI Dimming Controller is one example and allows advanced programming including on/off timers, sunrise and sunset programming and automatically dims the light if temperatures in the grow space exceed your programmed limit.

Par Map @ 12"


FGI Spectrum

The Uniformity Pro 640 carries a full five year warranty.

It's 5% larger than the Gavita 1700e and Fluence Spydr 2 series. 

Control Recommendation: The FGI Dimming Controller. 0-10V. Touch screen. Sunrise, sunset, auto room temperature controller. 



Product Name: FGI HT-02 Uniformity Pro 640
Part Number: FGIUP8Rev2
UPN: 887437032817
Dimensions: W x L x H (inches) 47x47x4

IMPORTANT: The unit does not ship with a standard plug. Please request a free 110/220/270V plug with your purchase if you need one.

Brand Name: Samsung LM301H top bin
Number of pieces: 3200
Model/Part number: Neutral White
CCT: 4000K
CRI: 80

Driver: Inventronics 600W Model: EUD-600S560DT

Other color Diodes
Brand Name: Osram Osolon
Number of pieces: 48
Model/Part number: Hyper Red

CCT: 660nm
Ratio mix white/red (%): 3200:48

Lifetime: (L-90 - in hours L90B50 @ 36000HRS

Photosynthetic Light Measurements
PPF Output*: 1600
PPF Efficacy*: 2.5

Photopic Light Measurements
Luminous Flux* 92,000
Luminous Flux Efficacy*: 144

Input Power: 640w
Input Voltage: 120-277
Cord length: 10'
Plug type (note if bare whip): Not included

Packaging Dimensions
Dimensions W x L x H (inches): 47x47x4
Weight (pounds): 36

Operating Temp range (F): 33-104

IP rating (UL-ETL or estimated final UL-ETL): wet

Dimming / Tuning
Dimming (Yes/No): Yes
Independent channel dimming (Yes/No): No
Controller type: External 0-10V

Product Warranty:5 years


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