ThinkGrow Model-I LED Grow Light

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ThinkGrow Model-I LED Grow Light

$ 903.00 $ 1,075.00

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ThinkGrow Model-I LED Grow Light: Optimized for Greenhouse and Indoor Cultivation

The ThinkGrow Model-I is a high-performance LED grow light designed specifically for greenhouse and single-level indoor horticultural cultivation. This fixture integrates cutting-edge features to enhance energy efficiency, light distribution, and overall plant growth.

Key Features and Benefits

Compact and Efficient Design:

  • Built-in Driver: Ensures energy efficiency while maintaining a balanced work environment for growers.
  • Innovative V-Shape Design: Improves light distribution, reducing the height needed from the canopy and minimizing light energy loss.

Full Spectrum and UV Light:

  • Natural Sunlight Mimicry: The full-spectrum design with UV provides a light quality similar to natural sunlight, covering all critical growth phases from vegetative to flowering.

Enhanced Far Red Spectrum:

  • Far Red Channel. Offers an additional Far Red spectrum channel, allowing a 10-15 minute exposure to accelerate the flowering cycle (External Controller required).


  • Outstanding efficiency at 2.54 umol/J, ensuring optimal light utilization.
    Advanced Control Capabilities:

External Control:

  • Allows up to 256 fixtures per channel, providing extensive control options for large-scale operations.


  • Designed to work seamlessly with TrolMaster Hydro-X control systems.

Independent Channel Control:

  • Using the TrolMaster lighting adaptor LMA-T, the Full Spectrum and Far Red channels can be independently controlled. This feature enables the Far Red channel to be activated 10-15 minutes after lights-off, expediting the flowering process.

Application and Use

  • Greenhouse Cultivation: Ideal for use in greenhouses, where efficient light distribution and control are crucial.
  • Single-Level Indoor Cultivation: Perfect for indoor grow setups, providing a balanced light environment that supports all stages of plant growth.


The ThinkGrow Model-I LED Grow Light is a state-of-the-art solution for professional horticultural cultivation. Its compact, efficient design, combined with advanced light spectrum control and compatibility with TrolMaster systems, makes it an ideal choice for both greenhouse and indoor applications. Achieve optimal plant growth and accelerated flowering with the Model-I’s superior technology and performance.

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