ThinkGrow Model-H Plus LED Grow Light 720W, 2.78 umols/j, 2061 PPF.

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ThinkGrow Model-H Plus LED Grow Light 720W, 2.78 umols/j, 2061 PPF.

$ 1,573.95 $ 1,864.00

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Model-H Plus is a true 5’ wide LED grow light designed to be used in indoor grow rooms for high PPFD cultivation practices in vertical farming. The fixture has a total of 3368 pieces of highly efficient top-bin diodes with a total wattage upgraded to 720 watts and producing 2061 total PPF output.

Users can have onboard dimming or adjust the spectrum and light intensity by connecting the fixtures with a controller. Four spectrum channels including UV, White (full spectrum), Deep Red and Far Red are fully controllable to customize your desired spectrum/recipe of light your plants need. (Only available on the TrolMaster HCS-2/3). The patented plug-and-play light bar design also offers ease of installation and facilitates future maintenance.

Key Features:

Wide Coverage:

  • Designed to cover 4' wide grow racks or tables efficiently.

High Efficiency: 

  • Equipped with 2888 top-bin LED diodes.
  • Total wattage of 740 watts.
  • Achieves an 18% increase in PPF performance over the original Model-H LED.

Adjustable Lighting:

  • Onboard dimming for easy intensity adjustments.
  • Connectable to a controller for precise spectrum and light intensity adjustments.

Spectrum Control:

  • Four controllable spectrum channels: 380NM UVA, White Full Spectrum, 660nm Red and 730 nm Far Red. 
  • Customizable light spectrum/recipes tailored to plant needs (Spectrum Control available with HCS-2/3).

ThinkGrow Model H Spectrum 


  • Enhanced Plant Growth: The ability to customize light recipes helps in optimizing plant growth for different stages, leading to better yields.
  • Energy Efficiency: High-efficiency diodes reduce energy consumption while maximizing light output.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various growing environments and applications.
    User-Friendly: Easy installation and maintenance save time and reduce operational complexity.

This new model is a significant upgrade from the original Model-H, offering improved performance and greater flexibility for serious growers looking to optimize their cultivation setup.

ThinkGrow New Model H DLC #: Product ID: H-OPZHXB

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Box includes: 

1x Model-H Driver
8x Model-H LED Light Bars
1x 12' 240V Power Cord

Wattage Draw (Tested):  741.3W (20 watts Far Red)
PPF (Tested):  2061
Efficacy (Tested):  2.78 umols/j
Power Factor (Tested):  >=.96%
Fixture Dimensions 45" (L) x 44.6" (W) x 4.44" (H) 
Lifetime:  L90 : >54,000 hrs 
Warranty:  5 Years Standard Warranty
Input Voltage:  Autosensing 100-277 V 
Amp Draw:  6.23A @120\/, 3.09A@240\/, 2.71A@277V
BTU 2456
Mounting Height:  >  (15.2cm) Above Canopy 
Weight:  38.8 lbs


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