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Visualize Spray Output. Paper Turns Blue

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SpotOn 1x3in Water Sensitive Paper, 50 Sheets. Assesses spray accuracy.
SpotOn 1"x3" Water Sensitive Paper, 50 Sheets. For Sprayer Calibration Subscribe & Save 15% $ 39.95 $ 44.95
About SpotOn Paper is water sensitive paper to quickly and easily assess your spray coverage. The yellow paper turns blue to allow for quick and easy spray visualization: visualize spray coverage, visualize droplet size and uniformity and visualize off target application. For use with crop spraying to ensure correct application of chemicals, reduce overspray and waste and ensure the correct amounts are applied.  Pack of 50 1" x 3" sheets Does Not Warp In Humid Conditions Economical Alternative To Other Products On The Market Unique Fully Sealed Package Provides Re-Closable Seal Once Opened In House Proprietary Production Process Is Tightly Controlled Includes Tweezer And Desiccant Packet To Improve Shelf Life Comparing three brands of water sensitive paper - Jason Deveau
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SpotOn 2"x3" Water Sensitive Paper, 25 Sheets. For Sprayer Calibration. Subscribe & Save 15% $ 39.95 $ 41.95
SpotOn Paper is water sensitive paper to quickly and easily assess your spray coverage. The yellow paper turns blue to allow for quick and easy spray visualization: visualize spray coverage, visualize droplet size and uniformity and visualize off target application. For use with crop spraying to ensure correct application of chemicals, reduce overspray and waste and ensure the correct amounts are applied.  Pack of 25 2" x 3" sheets Does Not Warp In Humid Conditions Economical Alternative To Other Products On The Market Unique Fully Sealed Package Provides Re-Closable Seal Once Opened In House Proprietary Production Process Is Tightly Controlled Includes Tweezer And Desiccant Packet To Improve Shelf Life Comparing three brands of water sensitive paper - Jason Deveau 

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Aroya Solus 3 in 1 soil moisture meter
Aroya Solus 3 in 1 Sensor Kit for grow mediums. Bluetooth App Controlled. $ 519.00 $ 565.00
Buy your next SOLUS from the largest AROYA distributor in the US. Use our promo code to save today.  Yield. Quality. You always want more. If you’re a serious grower — even at home – you’re never not ready for big data and analytics. To grow better, you must first know better, and there’s no tool like SOLUS to mine your substrate for insights and help your harvest flourish. Use the SOLUS for easy and quick spot measurements of your substrate, no datalogging required and no information is retained. Water. Temp. EC. All impact the quality and yield of your crop. To level up your home growing requires precision at every stage, across every variable. With SOLUS, you’re in control of it all. Reap a harvest full of insights right on your phone. Simple to download, and even simpler to detect your sensor.  Learn About EC  Mine the insights buried in your substrate The SOLUS Sensor Kit combines the industry’s top soil sensor with a wireless analysis powerhouse. Together with the free SOLUS by AROYA app, they enable high-precision water content, temperature and electrical conductivity spot checks. The information SOLUS gathers helps growers maximize their substrate and unlock maximum yield potential. Learn more about the Solus on our YouTube Channel here:  Quality Legendary sensor technology The product of more than 20 years of soil moisture research and technological refinement, the TEROS 12 sensor is trusted by scientists, farmers and growers alike. The TEROS 12’s ruggedized body lasts ten years or more. Its stainless-steel sensor needles slide easily into any substrate. It even ships with a free reusable sensor installation tool to help growers align the sensor perfectly for consistent, accurate measurements. INCLUDES One TEROS 12 Sensor  One ZSC Handheld Bluetooth Module For App Connectivity APP Download - search AROYA SOLUS on the Apple or Android App stores FEATURES Quick and easy WC, EC and temp spot-checks Secure – won’t store data or monitor measurements over time Wirelessly pairs with any iOS or Android mobile device using Bluetooth Easy installation with installation tool Steel needles cut through the soil for better soil-sensor contact Robust, epoxy body for tough field conditions Dependable, long-life sensor Large volume of influence Ferrite core eliminates cable noise Device Operating System Compatibility and System Requirements The mobile device must be capable of using Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE). The mobile device operating system compatibility is Apple iOS 10 or greater and Android OS 4.3 or greater. NOTE: Location services must be enabled to use the Bluetooth capabilities of the ZSC. This is a requirement set by the Android operating system (OS). Aroya Solus Manual and Guides Downloads TEROS 12 Operation Manual Download Link  Aroya Solus Quickstart guide Aroya Solus Troubleshooting guide  Aroya ZCS Module Quickstart guide
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FGI Far Red LED Grow Light. 700-760nm Spectrum Enhancer.
Forever Green Indoors
FGI 730nm Far Red LED Grow Light. 44" premium quality. Single unit. $ 129.00 $ 134.00
Elevate Your Plant Growth The FGI Far Red LED Grow Light is a top-tier solution designed to significantly enhance plant growth by delivering 730nm far red energy, which is crucial for optimal photosynthesis. Unlike cheaper 660nm red LEDs, which fail to produce this specific wavelength, the FGI light effectively stimulates growth processes that are otherwise neglected. Its robust, commercial-grade construction guarantees exceptional durability and consistent performance, making it the 730nm choice for both amateur and professional growers seeking to maximize their yields and improve plant health. Scientific Benefits Far-red light (700-760nm) is crucial for optimal plant growth, enhancing photosynthesis and increasing plant size. Studies, such as those from the University of Texas, show that “far-red light boosts overall plant mass and terpene profiles. It improves light absorption, influences leaf angle, and promotes higher yields.”  Read the study here. Far Red light is believed to create a competitive response in plants, pushing desirable terpene production and assisting in the formation of trichomes.   The Emerson Effect Using far-red light just before nighttime increases photosynthesis, cell division, and growth. Implementing a 10-15 minute far-red light cycle after full spectrum lights are off can optimize your growing environment. Recommended Use Ideal for 4x4 grow spaces, this light is easy to install with included hardware, ensuring full coverage and enhanced PPFD delivery. Controls With an low Amp draw at .3 amps, we recommend these units are operated on standard 110V receptacles. One dedicated 15 amp circuit can safely operate more than 30 units. Standard service outlets for fans can easily be used to operate as many units as needed. Standard wall timers can serve as on/off, or they can be connected to Smart plugs, or TrolMaster 4RS-1 Outlet Expansion Module.   Customer Reviews John D.:  “My plants have never been healthier. The far-red light truly makes a difference." Sarah P.: Excellent quality! This light has transformed my growing setup." Far Red Spectrum ~Technical Specs~ Power: 30W Amps: .3 @110V, .14 @ 220V PPF: 72.1 umols/s Voltage; 100-277VAC, 50/60 Hz Size: 44.88” x 2.24” x 1.53” Weight: 4.4 lbs   IP65: water resistant sealed case    Photometric Test Report Download  Product Warranty (see our warranty here) 3 year warranty
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TrolMaster Hydro X  HCS-1 Hydro X Grow Room Controller
TrolMaster Hydro X HCS-1 Hydro X Grow Room Controller $ 335.00 $ 363.00
The Hydro-X modular system is easy to install and expand, and can be fully customized to your needs. With the free TrolMaster App, you can access all system settings and alerts from anywhere, anytime. The Hydro-X system is compatible with most grow lights brands, HVAC systems, mini-split air conditioners, commercial dehumidifiers and humidifiers, as well as CO2 generators or regulators. So whether you're looking to maintain optimal growing conditions in your indoor garden the Hydro-X system has you covered. Includes the 3 in 1 sensor bundle and RJ12/16 cables. A turn-key environmental sensor system to tune up your gardens success.  This controller is as user friendly as it gets, and installing and setting it up is simple. It's compatible with just about every major grow light, HVAC system, dehumidifier/humidifier, and even CO2 system. You can use the free TrolMaster app, and achieve complete control of your grow room remotely, freeing you from the grow room and getting you back to doing the things you enjoy. What's Included With The Hydro-X System: Hydro-X Environment Controller (x1) 3-in-1 Sensor for Temperature, Light, and Humidity (x1) RJ12 Cable Set (x1) Male-to-Male 16ft RJ12 Cable (x1) Male-to-Male 4ft RJ12 Cable (x1) RJ12 T-Splitter (x1) Achieve Complete Grow Room Control With The Hydro-X With one piece of equipment, you can essentially control anything you need in your grow room. There are more than 17 separate types of control modules, granting you the ability to connect the Hydro-X to A/C's and HVAC  To put it simply, the TrolMaster Hydro-X Environment Controller With 3-in-1 Sensor is the most intelligent and versatile system on the market.  The Hydro-X System Features A Modular Design Another great feature of the Hydro-X Environment Control System is that you can control and customize every last detail of the controller. The modular design means you can configure the separate components in unique ways to create the best environment for your plants because every grow is different. You can control up to 512 different grow lights on two separate channels, and operate different systems simultaneously. Just about every lighting brand and product on the market is compatible with the Hydro-X with different adapters. LMA-11 for Phantom - Lighting Adapter P LMA-12 for Dimlux - Lighting Adapter D LMA-13 for Sun System - Lighting Adapter S LMA-14 Lighting Adapter F for most brands and also FGI brand LEDs LMA-15 for DLI - Lighting Adapter DLI LMA-T for ThinkGrow - Lantern Schedule Adapter F The LMA-14 Adapter can be used for 24 Drivers (LEDs) or 40 Ballasts with either the HCS-1 or HCS-2 Hydro-X controllers. Both the Hydro-X Controllers have 2 line lights giving the ability to control double the amount of each type of light (48 LEDs and 80 Ballasts).  
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TrolMaster Hydro X LMA-14 Lighting Adapter F for 0-10V control of grow lights.
TrolMaster Hydro X LMA-14 Lighting Adapter F for 0-10V control of grow lights. $ 57.00 $ 57.00
The LMA-14 lighting adapter is specially designed to control a wide variety of lighting systems including FGI brand LEDs and HIDs. TrolMaster’s Hydro-X system can control most of the horticultural lighting fixtures sold on the market today. Most light manufacturers provide the ability to control their lighting systems using what known as a low-volt control. That low-volt control can take many forms and communication protocols. TrolMaster makes several types of lighting adapters (LMA units) that allow the Hydro-x to control lights using their low-volt control option. 
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Square 2 LED Grow Light. 220W. High Output. 2'x2'. With Far Red Too.
Forever Green Indoors
FGI Square 2 LED Grow Light. 220W full spectrum plus far red diodes. $ 149.00 $ 195.00
Affordable, compact, extended far red spectrum LED grow light for plants of all types.    Growing tomatoe starts with the FGI Square 2   The FGI Square 2 is an excellent entry level LED grow light for those looking to give their plants the sun's energy. Unlike other lights on today’s market that only provide certain colors needed by plant life (or lack thereof), this one provides all the necessary components: red, orange, yellow green and blue spectrum which together make up the building blocks for successful photosynthesis (and closely matches our sun).  If you are looking for an easy to use LED to learn how to grow any plant types indoors, look no further than the FGI Square 2. Well loved by gardeners everywhere. Designed in the USA by Forever Green Indoors in Seattle WA. Plant lighting LED light experts since 2013. Use the Square 2 to grow all types of plants. Placing the light closer to the plants provides enough energy to match the summer sun. Pulling the light further away, or using the built in dimming, provides the right energy for starts and seedlings.  Learn more about the FGI Square 2 on our YouTube Channel here:  The Square 2 is one of the more efficient grow lights on today's market, using only 220 watts! This means it can produce far less heat than higher wattage lamps. We designed it to deliver the perfect balance of light. It's full spectrum white LEDs help plants grow healthy while adding 5% total deep as well as far-red diodes for an extended range that will optimize your plant growth! Key Features:  Compact size: 20" x 20" x 3" Lightweight: 10 lbs  Built in dimming knob: Adjusts levels for young to mature plants.  Spectrum: Full spectrum plus 5% 660nm deep red plust 730nm far red LED diodes.  Includes: 110V power cord. Two clip and steel cable wire hangars. Product manual.    Technical  PAR Chart at 24" From Diodes The right kind of light can make all the difference for your plants. Flowers, fruits and other high energy use types require levels as high as 1000 PPFD - a measurement that approximates natural sunlight. Spectrum From Our Sun   We design grow lights to closely mimic natural sunlight (shown above). Although it's not possible to exactly duplicate a giant burning ball of hydrogen, we get as close as possible with the Square 2.   Spectrum from the Square 2     Don't wait! We have limited stock on this LED. Buy yours today.     ~Technical Specs~ProductDiodes (White) Brand name: Shenzhen LidedaNumber of pieces 360Total Diode Wattage Capacity (not actual draw) 300WMaximum Advertised Wattage 300Equivalent Wattage 1000CCT 4000KCRI 80CRIOther color Diodes (Red)Brand Name: Shenzhen LidedaNumber of pieces 96CCT NAWavelength 655-665nmOther color Diodes (FR) Brand Name: Shenzhen LidedaNumber of pieces 24CCT NAWavelength 730-745nmRatio mix white/red (%) 3:1Projected Diode Lifetime (L-90) - in hours 50,000 hoursPhotosynthetic Light Measurements PPF Output* 436.1 umol/sPPF Efficacy* PPF 2.1umol/J PPFD Output 900 umols/ms at 24" below diodesPhotopic Light MeasurementsLuminous Flux* 30342lmLuminous Flux Efficacy 151.7lm/wOther Input Power Watts 218Input Voltage 110VCord length 8' (2.44m, 18AWG )Plug type (note if bare whip) Molded 110VProduct Dimensions Dimensions W x L x H (inches) 20x20x3.5Weight (pounds) 10Operating Temp range (F) -20℃ — +40℃IP rating (UL-ETL or estimated final UL-ETL)IP(UL- UL-ETL) IP20Physical Dimensions Package Dimension W x L x H (inches) 24x23x5Inner carton (Yes/No) NOInner Carton Weight NOMaster Outer carton (Yes/No) YESNumber of pieces in Master Carton (1, 2, 3) 1Master carton weight (lbs) 2Dimming / Tuning Dimming (Yes/No) YesProduct Warranty (against manufacturing defects) 3 years Warranty does not include coverage for damage caused by water or exposure to VOC's or electrical damage caused by voltage spikes. We recommend using a basic power surge suppressor such as those found on power strips to protect your light from utility power outages. 
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FGI Grow Light Controller. Commercial Grade Universal 0-10V Controller
Forever Green Indoors
FGI Grow Light Controller. Commercial Grade Universal 0-10V Controller $ 229.00 $ 299.00
The FGI Dimming Controller provides control over one or many LEDs or 0-10V capeable ballasts. Designed to operate lighting over distances up to 100 feet, the FGI Dimming Controller features robust controls to manage your grow room environment. Connect the controller to an entire room and build sunrise, sunset scenarios to gently wake your plants and put them to bed as nature does in the wild. Or manage rooms and connect several Dimming Controllers to manage strain specific rows or vertical racks of LEDs. Automatically assists in room temperature control by dimming down lights if the temperature setting shows the room is too hot. Adjusts light levels back up when the room is within the setting you choose. Set on and off timers and program sunrise and sunset dimming to mimic natural sunlight and get the most out of your plants.  For use with; All 0-10V dimmable LEDs (see your driver specifications) Not for use with our FGI Hortibest Commercial Series LEDs. Please view the Hortibest Master Controller.   All 0-10V controllable lighting (may require custom wiring - or TrolMaster ECS cable kits which can be used universally.) Control one or many lights.  Programmable Sunrise and Sunset Mode. System over temperature protection built in to protect your plants from accidental overheating in your grow space programming auto-dimming to reduce heat output. Attractive and easy to use touchscreen programming. 110V powered with battery backup. This unit is powerful enough to connect properly daisy chained units up to 30 meters from the control module.   Q&A: Is this Controller an On/Off switch? Not with the V1 version however yes with our new V2 version which will dim the Uniformity Pro 320 and Uniformity Pro 640 to off. This controller can be used with LED drivers which have the ability to dim to zero to turn your light off. It will not eliminate power to the light. It will however turn off the diodes if your driver has dim to zero capability.   Can the FGI Dimming Controller operate non-FGI LEDs? Yes, it can operate any LED that has a driver (power supply) that allows zero to ten volt dimming (0-10V). Consult the specifications of your LED light, or the specifications of the driver/power supply in the light itself. Most drivers have labels affixed to them that indicate their ability to do 0-10V dimming. How can I tell if my driver is 0-10V? 1. Look at the specifications for the model number of the driver, usually printed on a label on the driver. 2. Look for an indication on the label that the driver is 0-10V dimmable. 3. Look for a pair of wires on the driver/power supply that are NOT used to provide power to the light. Typically these are blue/black but can be a variety of colors based on the manufacturer. Can I connect the FGI Dimming Controller directly to the line voltage power on the light? No. Do not connect the Controller directly to line voltage power in your LED. It will damage the controller and void the return. Can this controller turn my LED totally off? Yes for the FGI Uniformity Pro series LEDs. No, it cannot dim the FGI Lightpanel or Lightbar products to off. For non FGI LEDs it depends on the driver/power supply. Consult the specifications for your driver. If the driver has the ability to "Dim To Off", then it is likely but not 100% that our Controller can dim your lights to off. Otherwise they will dim to 10% of the total light output only. Can I connect many lights to one controller? And if so how many? This depends on the distance you are trying to connect your lights over and the quality of the wire you use. We recommend insulated AWG 14 2 lead wire sold here on Amazon. And we also recommend you use IP68 twist connectors also sold here on Amazon to create a water proof, dust proof daisy chain. 3 way IP68 T connectors are ideal for this application. Product Manual Download Warranty: 24 months for manufacturing defects. 
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Trolmaster Hydro X DSH-1 Humidity Device Station
Trolmaster Hydro X DSH-1 Humidity Device Station $ 68.00 $ 68.00
  LED Power Indicator RJ12 Cable Socket Addressing Plug & Play The TrolMaster DSH-1 Humidity control / device modules allow user to easily connect and control standard humidifying or dehumidifying devices to the Hydro-x. The DSH modules are rated at 10-amps. *Use with dehumidifiers less than 7 amps to avoid current overload. Package Contents:  1 x Device Station 1 x 16ft RJ12 Cable 1 x 4ft RJ12 Cable 1 x RJ12 T-Splitter Specifications: Input Voltage: 100~240 VAC, 50/60Hz Output Current: 10A Output Voltage: 100~240 VAC, 50/60Hz Working Environments: Temperature 32-122°F, Humidity=90% Package Dimensions: 3.3(L) x 3(W) x 3.5(H) in G.W. per pack: 12 oz 
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TrolMaster Hydro X MBS-S8 CO2 Sensor measures CO2 in grow rooms.
TrolMaster Hydro X MBS-S8 CO2 Sensor measures CO2 in grow rooms. $ 232.00 $ 243.31
Description The optional CO2 Sensor (MBS-S8) measures the CO2 PPM within the growing area. Using the MBS-S8 allows the users to connect and control their supplemental CO2 system using the Hydro-X. *Used in combination with one or more DSC-1 CO2 device modules.





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