Lighting Science Group VividGro V1 LED Grow Fixture 390 W

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390 Watts of Proven Yield Success in a LED Grow Fixture!

The VividGro V1 LED grow light fixture is unique in its design. Developed by former NASA plant and lighting scientists, its broad spectrum color and optimized PAR output were designed specifically for indoor plant growth. Independent lab testing proves the VividGro V1 LED grow light delivers higher density, higher yields, and higher energy-efficiency compared to traditional growing techniques, with no compromise to quality of the product.  At only 390 W, this fixture is ideal covering a 4'x4' area during the vegetative growth stage.

Forever Green Indoor's take on this light: "What we like about this fixture includes the ideal spectrum for the flowering phase or veg phase and great price performance.  The spectrum is geared directly towards photosynthesis with a high peak in red however it also blends the right amount of blue so both chlorophyll A and B love this light. The Vividgro V1  is a commercial grade high bay grow lamp with a proven track record in cannabis cultivation. We love this light - and it's discontinued so get them while you can."


  • Coverage -  4'x4' (16sf) in veg cycle
  • Excellent results in both flowering and veg cycles
  • Proven energy savings of 45%
  • Advanced thermal heat management to reduce HVAC usage
  • Broad spectrum – tailored to maximize photosynthetic absorption efficiency. Wavelengths of 450 and 660 nanometers
  • Optimum mounting height-- 36" above plant canopy, giving you room to work on your plants as they grow
  • Ideal spectrum and light output for plants growth
  • Passive cooling, no noise, no fans or moving parts
  • Contains no mercury, unlike HID and fluorescent technologies
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Qualifies for utility rebates (where applicable)


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PAR Output: 640 umols/s
Wattage: 390 W
PAR efficacy (umol/j): 1.64 umol/j delivered
Rated life: L70 >50,000 hours
Housing: low copper cast aluminum
Dimensions: 22.39"L x 17.53" W x 5.57"H
Weight: 44lbs
Voltage: 120-277 VAC @ 60+60 Hz
Operating Temperature: -40ºF to + 104ºF
Warranty: 5 year limited


The VividGro Light Spectrum

Warranty and Installation Guide