720 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. 1944 PPF, 2.7 umols/j. Our most powerful LED. DLC Listed.

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720 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. 1944 PPF, 2.7 umols/j. Our most powerful LED. DLC Listed.

$ 885.50 $ 1,145.00

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We bring you hand picked factory direct LEDs. 

Introducing the Hortibest H8 commercial LED grow light. 

Looking for a powerful and efficient LED grow light to help you get the most out of your plants? Look no further than the Hortibest H8 Slimline 720W LED Grow Light!

Our 720W LED will blow your plants socks off at 1944 PPF. Grow in PAR levels as high as 1500 umols/ms at 12" from canopy. This light rocks efficiency at 2.7 umols/j - a measure that compares power consumed versus light output. 

We use the latest multi-package diodes to produce full spectrum light that your plants will love. 

Ideal for 4' x 4' spaces, this light has multiple settings to help you optimize growth and yield. Need to tone it down a bit? The built in dimming knob makes it quick and easy without complex controls required. 

With the extended daisy chain for power (not just dimming), you'll be able to easily connect multiple lights for even coverage.

And the best part? The Hortibest H8 Slimline 720W LED Grow Light uses less energy than previous generation LED grow lights, so you'll save money on your electricity bill.

Get the perfect growing conditions for your plants with the Hortibest H8 Slimline 720W LED Grow Light!


  • Spectrum controllable with optional Moray UV-A and Far Red Module. Now shipping.  
  • Internal LED driver enclosed within side rails.
  • Daisy Chain (power and 0-10V dimming - depends on voltage supplied)
  • Easy to install. No assembly required. Unfold, plug and play.
  • Comes with 120V and 240V plugs.
  • Comes with rope hangars. 
  • Universal 0-10V Control. (TrolMaster, FGI Dimming Controller etc...)

Super high PPF output of 1944 umols/s allows for a higher hanging height over canopy, up to 24" at over 1000 PPFD. 

DLC listed for rebates in the US, this light is made by a top factory in China and distributed by Forever Green Indoors. 

Osram LEDs, and a buil-in internal driver with light-to-light daisy chaining to power which reduces the number of outlets that need to be installed in the grow space.  For example; at 240V, 4 units can be daisy chained to a single receptical at 2.9 amps per light. 

The H8 is lightweight at 23 lbs, and compact in size at 42"x42"x2" with its internal driver. This unit is less expensive to ship and easier to hang and manage than heavier or larger LED lights. 

As with all our LEDs it uses a fanless design. Does not make noise and produces a relatively low amount of heat output at 2448 BTUs. 

The H8 also has optional extended spectrum bars in the UV and Far Red spectral range which can be added as outriggers to it's frame.

It also offers a variety of control options from TrolMaster to FGI Brand Dimmers to a Hortibest two channel lighitng controller with adjustable spectrum control over the extended spectrum bars. 

~ specs

DLC Listed

Fanless Design

IP65 Wet Rated

Dimmable: 0-10V

DLC: OC-H-720A FSG 27 D1

Slim design and 180 degree foldableInput Voltage:120-277VAC

42" x 42" x 2" (1067 x 1077 x 50mm )

Weight 22.7Ibs (10.3kg)

AC Voltage 120V 208V 230V 277V

AC Current 6.26A 3.55A 3.18A 2.66A
AC Power 748W 729W 720W 714W
Power Factor 0.996 0.987 0.983 0.969
Daisy Chain Quanty 2Pcs 3Pcs 4Pcs 5Pcs

Heat Output 2448 BTU/h

Max 6.7A@120VAC; Max 3.9A@208VAC;
Max 3.5A@230VAC; Max 2.9A@277VAC;

5 Year Standard Warranty

link to product spec sheet download 






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