FGI 385 NM Dedicated 30w 4x2 UV LED Grow Light Research-Grade

FGI 385 NM Dedicated 30w 4x2 UV LED Grow Light Research-Grade


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Cryptochromes are responsible for the blue light reactions in photomorphogenesis. They control stem elongation, leaf expansion, circadian rhythms and flowering time. In addition to blue light, cryptochromes also perceive long wavelength UVA irradiation


Our UVA Lightbar is useful to induce defensive responses during plant growth which leads to higher yields and potency. 

We recommend 2 per 4x4 grow area for ideal plant response. We recommend no more than 2-12 hours per day of continuous UVA on canopy, depending on desired effects. This unit will not produce harmful energy for long light periods. 


The FGI UVA Lightbar is designed to provide additional blue energy, below the typical 400-700nm PAR spectrum. Operating at 385NM our UVA Lightbar is safe to operate and will not harm your plants. 

Depending on use, the UVA Lightbar will cover 5' in length and 2.5' in width at 28-30" above canopy. Hanging the light higher will cover a larger area with blue light but at a lower overall intensity than lower hanging heights. 

These are well constructed units with a crystal glass lens cover to protect the diodes and allow for cleaning. The all aluminum frame dissipates what little heat the bar creates. At 30 watts the Lightbar sips energy too. 

385NM Spectrum 


Blue energy is known to improve veg growth through more lush leaf formation, stronger stems and tighter internodal spacing. 

"We gave Dr Bruce Bugbee, professor at Utah State University our 385NM UVA Lightbar who is an expert in plant light science and he said of this light: "Your UVA lights arrived and we have confirmed their 385 nm peak. This looks like a high quality fixture.... Elevated exposure to UV photons is known to enhance the synthesis of UV blocking compounds in the leaves of many species and it is reasonable to think that UV photons can increase the synthesis of secondary metabolites in plants." And, "I expect we will find value in dosing of CSativa plants with UV photons, but not surprisingly, the effects will likely interact with UV wavelength, intensity, timing of delivery, and growth stage."

The UVA Lightbar fits neatly inside the frame of the Uniformity Pro 640 and 320 LEDs. Just secure the bar to the frame with zip ties or similar. 

 FGI UVA LED Overview




20 UVA Diodes Per Bar

100-277VAC,50/60 Hz



44.88”x 2.24”x 1.53”

4.4 lbs

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Product Warranty (see our warranty here)

3 year warranty

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