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FGI Lightpanel 500 450w 1500 PPFD Commercial 4' Wide LED Grow Light

$ 449.95 $ 895.00 -50% OFF

FGI Lightpanel 500 450w 1500 PPFD Commercial 4' Wide LED Grow Light

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$ 449.95 $ 895.00 -50% OFF
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Introducing the Lightpanel 500 - the perfect solution for serious growers who demand high PPFD levels. With an input power of only 450 watts, this LED panel is one of the most efficient on the market, producing up to 1500 umols/ms of light. That means more buds and bigger yields for you!


If you're looking for an LED panel that can produce serious yields, the Lightpanel 500 is the one for you. It's perfect for growers who demand the highest level of performance from their plants, and with its 4' width, it's perfect for large grow trays.


How did we do it? Most lights spread the LED diodes over a large area to maximize uniformity and many were designed to top out at 1000 umols of PPFD at about 12" from canopy. 

The FGI Lightpanel 500 V2 takes a radically different approach. 

This unit was designed with three side by side panels set with 2835 individual warm/neutral white LED diodes spaced in close proximity across each board.

Three separate drivers control three separate diode colors (color tuning is optional too). 

The result is massive full spectrum PPFD output across every square inch. We then surround each 14" panel with 660nm red diodes to give the flower phase an extra kick. 

This light is no pretender and is not imported from overseas. All American USA made and it shows. Designed in the USA, patented by FGI and made in Spokane, WA, you'll love how this units fits neatly over a 4' wide grow tray or in 4' deep rack shelves. 


Suitable for both full scale commercial growing or home use in tents and small rooms, the Lightpanel 500 will exceed your expectations.

This light covers a 4' wide grow tray. Use three over a 4'x8' area to allow for 1500 umols of PPFD across the entire tray. 


Our light spectrum recipe is unchanged. We mix an equal number of warm white full spectrum diodes with neutral white Seoul Semiconductor 2835 diodes. These diodes produce 2.25 umols/j which we've found is the sweet spot for price and performance. We then add 36 Cree XLamp 660nm red diodes to push additional red energy to the canopy. And all the diodes have a new conformal coating, a rubberized seal to further protect the diodes from overspray in the grow. 

Excellent Spectral Range and Red Boost For Flower 


A five year warranty makes this a safe choice in a market filled with pretenders. And a 60 day no hassle return policy means no regrets after unboxing. 

This is a true commercial grade LED grow lamp. Designed and produced by Forever Green Indoors. The Plant Lighting Experts. 

Grow in 1500 umols/ms of PPFD at 15" above plant canopy 

Unboxing the Lightpanel 500 V2

Control Options 

Controllable with our V2 Dimming Controller or using Trolmaster with an Adapter F Lighting Module, the Lightpanel 500 has drivers that dim to OFF. No switches or relays needed. 

Optional color tuning

The FGI 3 Channel Spectrum Tuning Controller allows for a robust fully passive hard wired interface to our bundled FGI Controller. Simple plug and play connections using standard CAT6 network cable.

Adjust warm white diodes, cool white diodes and red channel for spectrum tuning and dimming.

FGI 3 Channel Color Spectrum Controller

FGI Controller Spectrum Tuning Examples

FGI Dimming Controller 

Also available, but not included is our FGI Dimmer Control Module. Choose the controller that best fits your style. (FGI Lightpanel 500 Adapter Cable required). 

In this new version we are using the latest and most efficient diode technology from Seoul Semiconductor. These diodes stack up directly to the popular Samsung LM301 B/H diodes used in our Uniformity Pro 640. However they are more cost competitive. Here is how the two diodes compare in terms of output. 

We use the .5 W 2835 (b) diode and use twice as many on our three 14" LED boards totaling 1260 full spectrum neutral white and warm white. Each diode is driven well under its .5 W capacity which leads to a longer lifespan at full light output. 


~Technical Specs~


FGI LightPanel 500 V2

Light Source

LEDs: 1260 pcs, Seoul Semiconductor 2835 warm white and neutral white didoes with Conformal Coating. Plus 36 pcs, Cree X-Lamp 660nm Red diodes. 


2 pcs, YG PLY 240W-55-C6000-RN-P-12







Photosynthetic Light Measurements

PPF Efficacy*

2.25 Umol/j

PPFD @ 12"

1007 Umol/m²/s

Fixture coverage ( max intensity / max uniformity )*

4' x 3'  /  5' x 4''

Photopic Light Measurements
Luminous Flux*

69,480 Lumens

Luminous Flux Efficacy*

155.5 Lm/w


Input Power

450 watts

Input Voltage

100-277 autosensing

Volts / Amps

120v / 4.1a
240v / 2.1a
277v / 1.8a


44" L / 16" W / 2.4" H


18 lbs

Operating Temp range

0 F - 90 F

Thermal Management


BTU output

1700 BTU

Recommended Mounting height

Best PAR intensity


Best Uniformity


Dimming / Tuning

 0-10v with optional FGI Dimming Controller, Trolmaster Hydro X or other 0-10V dimming controllers. 

Dims To Off


Product Warranty (see our warranty here)

5 years





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