The FGI Lightpanel 500 Commercial Grade Grow Light

The FGI Lightpanel 500 Commercial Grade Grow Light


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The FGI Lightpanel 500 represents all we've learned over the years developing lighting for grow. It's such a great grow light we even have our own design patent.

At 44" long it easily covers a 4' grow tray and up to 5' of mature canopy. Install three over a 4' x' 8' grow area and save 33% energy as compared to a pair of traditional HID grow lamps. Growers report up to 1.9 GPW with this super efficient high yielding light.

Suitable for both full scale commercial growing or home use in tents and small rooms, the Lightpanel 500 will exceed your expectations.

      The Lightpanel 500 and Controller in action

      Commercial grow operation in Oregon

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      Enhanced Functionality 

      The FGI Controller allows for a robust fully passive hard wired interface to our bundled FGI Controller. Simple plug and play connections using standard CAT6 network cable.

      Adjust warm white diodes, cool white diodes and red channel for spectrum tuning and dimming.

      Connect up to 100 of our Lightpanel products and have complete control over your spectrum and PPFD at canopy!

      FGI Controller Spectrum Tuning Examples

      Color tuning your Lightpanel is easy and flexible. Increasing red or decreasing blue has been scientifically proven to change the structure and potency of your plants. 

      Now Available! The FGI Dimmer Control Module. Choose the controller that best fits your style. (FGI Lightpanel Adapter Cable required). 

      Spectrum Comparison vs HPS vs the Sun


      lightpanel light spectrum

      The Lightpanel 700 full spectrum LED uses our patented 50% / 50% mix of warm and cool white LEDs, with added 660nm red for maximum flowering results.

      Our light output is designed to more closely mimic the spectrum of the sun, and is also able to match the McCree Action Spectrum - ideal for boosting photosynthesis in all plant life.

      As compared with Gavita HPS lamps our spectrum is more full, which explains why growers have seen such great results with these lights.



      FGI LightPanel 500 V/B

      Light Source




      Photosynthetic Light Measurements

      PPF Efficacy*

      1.95 Umol/sec/w

      PPFD @ 12"

      1326 Umol/m²/s

      Fixture coverage ( max intensity / max uniformity )*

      4' x 3'  /  5' x 4''

      Photopic Light Measurements
      Luminous Flux*

      62,920 Lumens

      Luminous Flux Efficacy*

      126.3 Lm/w

      Illuminance @ 12"

      86,887 lux


      Input Power

      498 watts

      Input Voltage

      100-277 autosensing

      Volts / Amps

      120v / 4.1a
      240v / 2.1a
      277v / 1.8a


      44" L / 16" W / 2.4" H


      18 lbs

      Operating Temp range

      0 F - 90 F

      Thermal Management


      BTU output

      1700 BTU

      Recommended Mounting height

      Best PAR intensity


      Best Uniformity


      Dimming / Tuning

       0-10v with optional FGI Spectra Controller


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