500 Watt FGI Lightbrick 500, rugged, water resistant, high-yield greenhouse and indoor LED grow lamp

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The FGI Lightbrick 500, the ultimate HPS replacement LED

Using our patented light engine, the Lightbrick is specifically targeted as a 1:1 replacement for double ended HPS in greenhouse and indoor applications. An IP67 rating means this lamp is suitable for wet locations. 

We've added our special optical lens to provide for very even distribution of photosynthetic light allowing growers to target the PAR intensity they desire. 

Mounted at 36" above mature canopy the Lightbrick will achieve up to 1356 umols/s/m2 PPFD.

  • Up to 36 Square Foot Canopy Coverage (greenhouse)
  • Replaces 1000 W HPS Fixture with 50% energy savings
  • Patented cannabis optimized spectrum to imitate the sun
  • Red 660nm LED chip surround to increase flowering intensity 
  • Fully passive cooling, no moving parts 
  • Made in the US
  • UL approved for available local utility rebates 

Product FGI LightBrick 500
Light Source LED
Spectrum Patented
Photosynthetic Light Measurements
PPF Output* 791 umol/s
PPF Efficacy* 1.60 Umol/sec/w
PPFD @ 12" 2650 Umol/m^2/s
Fixture coverage (max intensity/max uniformity)* 4' x 4' / 5' x 5'
Photopic Light Measurements
Luminous Flux* 57,620
Luminous Flux Efficacy* 123.1 Lm/w
Input Power 497 watts
Input Voltage 100-277 autosensing
Volts / Amps 120v/4.1a
Dimensions 33" L / 14" W / 14" H
Weight 41 lbs
Operating Temp Range 0 F - 90 F
Thermal Management Passive
BTU output
Recommended Mounting Height
Best PAR Intensity 36"
Best Uniformity 48"
Dimming/Tuning 1-10V Dimming, Dali Dimming
* Underwriters Laboratory Photometric Test Data UL, DLC, cUL