185 WATT - FGI Lightbar Series - 185a

185 WATT - FGI Lightbar Series - 185a

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The FGI Lightbar Series for veg and clone stages of growth.

The Lightbars were developed by visiting hundreds of grows, taking scientific measurements on what amount of light and spectrum would be most beneficial for plants and then developing a fixture that met the criteria demanded by growers and their plants.

The Lightbars have been approved for rebates by participating utilities and come with a 5 year warranty.

The Lightbar series is truly the most effective, yet economical LED grow product on the market today. Best of all, they're manufactured 100% in the United States.

The 185a: This innovative, lightweight LED light fixture uses only 185 Watts of electricity but puts out a powerful 417 umols of PAR on a 4'x4' canopy. It's perfect for veg or flowering stages and has a proven light spectrum to help your plants grow strong and healthy.