The FGI Lightbar 100 Low Intensity Veg LED

The FGI Lightbar 100 Low Intensity Veg LED


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We carefully observed Mother Nature at work by visiting the Green Triangle in California on warm sunny days in June. Surrounded by lush fragrant flowers we measured light spectrum, intensity and uniformity on the plant canopy. Then we built everything we learned into the FGI Lightbar 100.

Mother Nature is an excellent instructor. We wanted to learn about ideal light spectrum, intensity and uniformity.

After hundreds of grow cycles we have the answers. Clearly Mother Nature approves and the results are in at Forever Green Indoors and we publish them to YouTube, Instagram and our website. Check it out on our grower reported crop yield pages. Healthy, fragrant, high yielding flowers prefer the sun. After all, these plants have been growing under it for a very long time.

The FGI LIghtbar 100 represents what we know about developing lighting for grow. We even patented the light engine which creates our unique spectrum.

Made in Washington. Inspired by master growers. Approved by Mother Nature in the wild. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Please let us know if you'd like a FREE 110V / 220 or 227V plug with your purchase. Item ships with 8' bare whip power cord.)

FGI Lightbar 100 Overview 

The 100a: This innovative, lightweight LED light fixture uses only 98.9 watts of electricity but puts out a powerful 252 umols of PAR on a 2'x4' canopy. It's perfect for veg or clone stages and has a proven light spectrum to help your plants get a healthy start. Recommended mounting height: 12"

The Lightbar 100's were developed by visiting hundreds of grows, taking scientific measurements on what amount of light and spectrum would be most beneficial for plants and then developing a fixture that met the criteria demanded by growers and their plants.

The Lightbars have been approved for rebates by participating utilities and come with a 5 year warranty.

The Lightbar 100 is truly the most effective, yet economical LED grow product on the market today. Best of all, they're manufactured 100% in the United States by FGI.


FGI Lightbar 100

Light Source




Photosynthetic Light Measurements

PPF Output*


PPF Efficacy*


PPFD @ 12"

303 Umol/m²/s

Fixture coverage ( max intensity / max uniformity )*

4' x 18' / 4' x 2'

Photopic Light Measurements
Luminous Flux*

12,419 Lumens

Luminous Flux Efficacy*

124.9 Lm/w

Illuminance @ 12"

21,182 Lux


Input Power

99 watts

Input Voltage

100-277 autosensing

Volts / Amps

120v / 1.2a
240v / .55a
277v / .45a


42.3 L / 8.2" W / 2.5" H


7 lbs

Operating Temp range

0 F - 90 F

Thermal Management


BTU output

340 BTU

Recommended Mounting height

Best PAR intensity


Best Uniformity


Dimming / Tuning


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