Heliospectra LX602 LED Indoor Grow Fixture 630 W

Heliospectra LX602 LED Indoor Grow Fixture 630 W

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Highly Researched and Tested Greenhouse LED Grow Technology from Sweden

The LX602 is designed and engineered for intense, quality light output, comparable to a 1000 W HID. Its optical distribution is ideal for greenhouses when the light needs to be mounted in the ceiling at a distance from the plant, while still maintaining a wide, uniform light distribution. It is the most advanced LED grow light for horticulture crop production, and growers who are serious about quality use the LX602 as an essential tool in their grow operations.

Recommended Applications

  • Controlled environment agriculture
  • Commercial horticulture
  • Research greenhouses
  • Hobby/indoor gardening
Built-in Intelligent Controls

Quality, Intensity, & Duration - three primary light concerns for growing your plants. It is now easy to control these factors to meet the varying needs of different plants using our built-in web UI.

No more hand-turning spectrum dials (quality & intensity) or setting wall timers (duration). The Heliospectra LX60 series has an onboard computer, web interface, remote monitoring, and open API  that puts the control in your hands. Now THAT is smart technology for helping a grow operation to be successful.


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Info Sheet

LX60 Series
Number of LEDs 240
Typical Power Consumption 10.5 to 630 W
Voltage 85-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Amps 5.1A @ 120V | 2.6A @ 240V | 2.2A @ 277V
Heat Value (BTU/h) 2150
Photon flux (µmol/s) 862 to 1011 µmol/s (full spectrum in stable operation and 25 ºC ambient temperature. Photon flux value varies based on "C" or "G" Plate Type)
Microprocessor 32-bit microprocessor (80MHz)
Networking RJ 45, 10/100 MBit IPv4 Ethernet and Wifi 802.11 b/g
DHCP DHCP for IP address management
Web UI HTTP web interface for simple management
Network Monitoring Wifi and/or Ethernet
Status Indicators Status LED for power/system status indication
Cooling Active, variable speed cooling. Fan rated to 70,000 hrs at 40 °C, 60% humidity, 90% CL
Dimensions 425 × 219 × 199 mm (16.7” × 8.6” × 7.8”)
Weight 8 kg (17.6 lbs)
Operating Temp 0 to 40 °C (32 to 104 °F)
Dimming 0-100%, individually per LED channel
Optics Primary and secondary optics for two PAR distribution pattern variants (see above) using highly light transmissive polycarbonate optics. 
Ingress Protection rating IP54 (all electrical compartments)/ IP24 (cooling tunnel)
Housing Powder coated, zinc treated sheet metal and durable ABS plastic
Certifications MET, CE, RoHS, REACH, EN55015
Storage temp -20 to 70 °C (-4 to 158 °F)
Lifetime 50,000 hours (at ambient temperature of 25 °C rated life to 70% of initial photon flux)
Warranty 2 years