500W FGI Lightpanel Series for veg and flowering stages of growth

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At last, an LED grow lamp designed to maximize cannabis yield

The FGI Lightpanel 500V/B - the lamp cannabis plants love

• Up to 16 Square Foot Canopy Coverage
• Industry Leading Performance
• Replaces 1000W HPS Fixture
• Power Pass Through Optional
• Natural White Light
• Optional Tunable Spectra
• 660nm Photo Kicker
• Ideally Suited for Indoor Horticulture
• Architectural Brushed Aluminum Housing
• Made in the USA Patent Pending

At Forever Green Indoors we are passionate about light. We’ve spent years studying how to maximize marijuana plant yield while also maintaining the potency consumers are looking for. We’ve analyzed every grow lamp on the market. From high pressure sodium to ceramic metal halide, from florescent to induction. We studied the ultimate grow lamp – our sun. We learned that we needed to create a lamp that provides all the grow benefits of the sun.

When used as directed the FGI Lightpanel 500 V/B provides the full spectrum of the sun and maximum energy through the entire plant growth phase. The result? Healthy, happy, high potency and high yielding cannabis plants.