The FGI Lightpanel 500

The FGI Lightpanel 500


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The FGI Lightpanel 500; Finally An LED Grow Light That Exceeds Expectations. Commercial Grade, Suitable For Home Or Full Scale Indoor Grow Use. Triple Diode Design with Red Boost, Built in Connectivity

The Lightpanel 500, designed in Washington State and inspired by master growers. We built everything we know into this high performance, high yielding grow light. At 44" long it easily covers a 4' grow tray and up to 5' of mature canopy. Install three over a 4' x' 8' grow area and save 33% energy as compared to a pair of traditional HID grow lamps.

The Lightpanel 500 has three patented Power Grow panels producing excellent light uniformity over the entire plant canopy. Hang this light as close as 12" for deep light penetration through the canopy or raise it as high as 36" to match typical PAR output of a 1000 W HPS lamp.

This grow light uses our customized FGI spectrum (see images attached) which has proven to maximize plant growth, dry weight yields and plant potency. Experienced pros tell us the inter-nodal spacing is tighter, the flowers are well developed and firmer than HID grown and they benefit from lower heat output which puts less strain on their AC units.

We've sold thousands of this Lightpanel in commercial grow operations nationwide. They ship in a plain brown box, are easy to install and use. Suitable for both full scale commercial growing or home use in tents and small rooms, we know the Lightpanel 500 will exceed your expectations.

They work. We stand behind them with a 60 day no questions asked return policy.

  • Patented cannabis-optimized broad spectrum to imitate the sun, 50/50 mix of 3000k & 5000k high bin diodes
  • Red 660nm LED chip surround to boost flowering intensity
  • 440nm blue spectrum boost for lush leaf formation
  • 942 umol/ms PPF output
  • 1326 µmol/m²/s ppfd output at 12" hang height
  • 44" long to cover over four linear feet of canopy
  • Only 18 lbs, very easy to install and manage with rope ratchets or our optional FGI Lightlifter for automated raising and lowering
  • Three 14" clustered 'power-grow' panels for maximum flowering intensity
  • Made in the US
  • Diming and spectrum tuning control with optional FGI controller
  • UL approved for generous local utility rebates in many areas. 
  • IP 65 water resistant for damp locations
  • Design patented
  • Ships with 8' cord (plugs not included - we can send a free 110V plug - just let us know)

    The Lightpanel 500 in action

    Commercial grow operation in Oregon

    Want more? FGI's YouTube Channel 

    Optional Enhanced Functionality 

    Now included - advanced functionality. The FGI Comm Board allows for a robust fully passive hard wired interface to our optional FGI Controller. Simple plug and play connections using standard CAT6 network cable.

    Adjust warm white diodes, cool white diodes and red channel for spectrum tuning and dimming.

    Connect up to 100 of our Lightpanel products and have complete control over your spectrum and PPFD at canopy!


    Spectrum Overview


    lightpanel light spectrum

    The Lightpanel 700 full spectrum LED uses our patented 50% / 50% mix of warm and cool white LEDs, with added 660nm red for maximum flowering results.

    Our light output is designed to more closely mimic the spectrum of the sun, and is also able to match the McCree Action Spectrum - ideal for boosting photosynthesis in all plant life.

    As compared with Gavita HPS lamps our spectrum is more full, which explains why growers have seen such great results with these lights.






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