Case Study: Western Washington #2

Equipment comparison: Flowering with HPS vs two different LED fixtures (VividGro V2, Bios Icarus)


  • Maintain or increase THC content
  • Equal to or greater yield
  • Control over environmental hazards


  • Indoor grow tents
  • 4’x4’ (16sf)
  • 12 hour daily light cycle
Wattage PPFD Hanging Height Peak PPFD Blue Peak Blue nm Peak PPFD Red Peak Red nm
Bios Icarus66079824"2.6944011.4660
VividGro V258854830"1.354408.4660
Cannabinoid Production
T1 HPS0.29
T3 Bios Icarus0.28
T4 VividGro V20.27
Weight Pre Trim Post Trim Trim B Dry Weight
T1 HPS128.6069.0050.0016.42
T3 Bios Icarus145.6077.0054.0017.54
T4 VividGro V2152.0089.2062.0019.12


Results: 16% increase in dry weight under LED