Killing it

“Truly an amazing grow. These flowers are gigantic. We have completed the trimming on the LED side and very impressed with how dense the actual flowers are. They are covered in crystals and every bud was large. We have never had a grow where the lower buds were comparable to the upper buds. Their coloring is extremely beautiful and we are impressed!

Even with the much larger expense up front, we truly see the value in these lights. The environmental impact, the actual savings in bulbs and electricity and the overall enjoyment of working under these lights vs HPS has sealed the deal regardless of how the test turned out!”

Salkum, WA Grower (name withheld)

Massive Improvement

“We found that bud formation was uniform across our canopy (even growing different strains) and noticed that even the lowest hanging branches produced dense buds. The trichomes overall increased substantially, producing sugar coated buds emitting robust terpenes. Even with the heavy yields, we didn't have to support the branches as much because the structure and vigor of the plant held the extra weight appropriately.”

Greenfield Alaska

Eco Entrepreneur, World of Eco

Loving every minute of it

“In over 15 years of growing I have never seen organic soil indoor plants this healthy or grow this fast until I got these 600 watt LED Uniformity Pro from Forever Green Indoors.”

Upper Left LLC, Olympia, WA

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