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Case Study: Eastern Washington #3

This grower is a licensed Washington state recreational producer (i-502), Liberty Lake, WA. One of their concerns with switching to LEDs was that he'd heard they wouldn't get decent THC levels. He was initially pleased with his first round under the LEDs, and labs confirm good, solid THC content.


  • Maintain or increase THC content
  • Equal to or greater yield


  • Equipment comparison: Clone, Veg & Flower under LED vs flowering under HPS
  • FGI Lightbar 100a in clone
  • FGI Lightbar 185a in Veg
  • 660W Bios Icarus in Flower
  • Drain to waste in 4x8 soil beds
  • KIND certified
POTENCY RESULTS Huckleberry Cobbler (UW Purple) Strawberry Sour Diesel
MAX THC=(THCA x 0.877) + THC 27.1%23.0%
Max CBD=(CBDA x 0.877) + CBD0.4%0.4%
Total Cannabinoids27.5%23.4%


Results: Over 27% total cannabinoid content under LED