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Case Study: Eastern Washington

This medical grower is in Spokane, Washington. Equipment comparison: HPS vs LED in flower, Indoor environment.


  • Maintain or increase THC content
  • Equal to or greater yield
  • Control over environmental hazards
  • Pest control
  • Light duration control
  • Light intensity control
  • Plant temperature control


  • Test area: 16 square feet
  • Lighting: 390W LED grow light vs HPS
  • 22 plants received no veg time. After the clones root they are immediately turned to flower
Strain: MUSA Dry Weight(g) Dry Weight(lbs) Active Cannabinoids (THC,CBM,CBD,CBC%) Increase in Revenue

High density and formation of buds all the way to the bottom of the plant was a result of efficient, optimal grow light penetration.



  • 27% increase in finished product yield
  • 47% less energy consumed
  • 48% increase in conversion efficiency from electrical power to finished product