Case Study: Denver

This grower is a top-tier medical marijuana grow facility and dispensary with 6 locations in the Denver metro area and an additional 2 in the Rocky Mountains. They also have the distinction of being the recipient of the very first recreational marijuana sales license in Colorado. They are committed to consistently producing the highest quality product and strains, and the greatest value for their patients.


  • Energy Savings
  • Reducing production costs
  • Increase in yield
  • Product quality


Two tests were performed consisting of 40 strains grown under (12) 1000W HPS or (23) 390W Lighting Science LED fixtures during the 60 day flowering cycle. Each lighting test was performed on an 8’ x 24’ table. The number of strains, and number of plants per strain tested, varied among the lighting tests.

Total number of strains, plants and yield components for tests.

# Strains Tested Total # Plants Total Dry Bud Weight (g) Total Bud Dry Weight (lbs)*

Revenue potential as a result of the increased yield observed for the LED-grown plants vs. HPS.

Lbs $/lb (med) $/lb (rec) Revenue (med) Revenue (rec) Total kWh Electrical Cost
$ LED Benefit$22,784$54,682-6,091-$609

By replacing half the fixtures in their typical flowering room, an average 24% increase in dry bud yield was observed while using 47% less electricity to create the light. A significant 83% increase in efficiency was also observed (g/kWh). An additional energy savings for heat removal further adds to the overall ROI.