Commercial Growing

Forever Green Indoors is the professionals choice for commercial grow room lighting design. Our rooms can be found in every licensed US state, Canada, the UK, France, Jamaica, Australia and more. 

Our designs include cannabis, vegetable and microgreens, rare plant conservatories, algae bioreactors and aquariums. 

Services we offer:

  • Lighting layout and design using AGI32 software with PAR simulations. Includes 3D renderings of your rooms, PAR mapping, bench, rack, table or pot location planning. 
  • Lighting retrofit strategy for HPS/MH/T5 or obsolete LED fixtures.
  • Rebate submission services for cash-back rebates from local energy utilities.
  • Lightlifting systems to raise and lower LED lighting for best uniformity and intensity on canopy.
  • Custom lighting fixtures. Spectrum Design. Electrical design. Metal shop. UL registration and management. 
  • Sensors from Apogee Instruments for measuring PAR, UV, IR, spectrum and more. 
  • Greenhouse DLI and PAR light level planning.

Take advantage of:

  • Wholesale pricing for bulk purchases.
  • Custom purchasing services and fixture design for high volume bulk orders from our factory here in the US or partners located in Asia. 

We know how to design lighting layouts for all types of commercial cannabis grow spaces.

  • Clone
  • Veg
  • Moms
  • Flower
  • Fully indoor or supplemental greenhouse lighting

Check out our YouTube channel were we've posted many examples of our best commercial layouts. 

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