Case Study: Northwest Oregon

This grower is a licensed medical grower in Oregon. Controlling the environment for the plants was of primary concern, both in maintaining temperature and lighting consistency and the ability to control pests. This is an outdoor grown plants vs indoor LED.


  • Maintain or increase THC content
  • Equal to or greater yield
  • Control over environmental impacts - Pest Control, Light duration control, Light intensity control, Plant temperature control


  • Two identically sized grow areas
  • Control 1: Outdoor Hoop House
  • Comparison: LED Indoor Grow Room


In both strains there was a significant increase weight using LED lighting

  • Outdoor total cannabanoids 14.88
  • Indoor total cannabanoids 26.04
  • Increase +11.16

“We will no longer be growing pot in the hoop house. All our cannabis will be grown in the bloom room. There are several reasons to only grow indoors. The most important is that there was a 70% increase in resin production when we grew the same strain both outdoors and then indoors under your lights. No one wanted to buy the 14% THC that was grown outdoors. Whereas, the same Cinex strain was grown under the VividGro 2 lights and produced 24% THC. This ‘top-shelf’ was easy to sell.” -Ralph Sherman.