Case Study: Bellingham, WA

FGI Lightpanel 700VB vs Illumitex Power Harvest


  • Compare LED vs LED


  • Indoor
  • Strain: Grapefruit
  • Time cycle: 12 hours daily


The revenue per tray was more than doubled using the FGI Lightpanel 700VB. The operations manager stated that the best tray historically for this strain was 3.6lbs. The FGI Lightpanel 700VB tray beat that by over 1lb.

Illumitex Power Harvest FGI Lightpanel 700VB Results
Yield per tray1.99lbs4.75lbs+2.76lbs
Yield per light.99lbs2.38lbs+1.38lbs
Revenue per tray$2,587$6,162+$3,575