FGI Lighting

Official manufacturer of FGI brand LED grow lights

Save Energy

40% less energy cost versus HPS lights

Get Rebates

Most local utilities pay for a portion of the cost

Improve Yields

Designed to maximize crop health

What we do

Founded in 2013 in Seattle WA, Forever Green Indoors mission is to help conserve energy within indoor and greenhouse crop growing facilities by converting to LED lighting.

Since that time we have expanded to include test and measurement equipment from Apogee Instruments, Innoquest and GemmaCert, and grow room controllers made by FGI and TrolMaster.

FGI Lighting is a registered trademark of Forever Green Indoors and is the brand name for our our LED grow light product lines. FGI holds patents for LED lighting designs including our Lightpanel 500 made in Spokane WA.

We also design and build FGI brand LED grow lights in four factories in Asia and distribute products from our distribution center in Seattle, WA and Hong Kong.

Here are a few our our first-to-market innovations:

  • First LED panel to incorporate 660NM red diodes with full spectrum in 2015.
  • Lightpanel 500 Design Patent, Kevin Sullivan, 2018
  • First fully waterproof 8 bar 4x4 LED light, 2019.
  • First LED fixture with 730NM plus 660NM plus full spectrum, 2019.
  • First supplemental single color UVA and Far Red LED bars. 2020.

The FGI Lightpanel 500 V2 LED
1500 PPFD @ 15"

The FGI Uniformity Pro Flex LED
with Smart Wifi Control


At Forever Green Indoors we understand the importance of automating and controlling LED grow lights. Our new Uniformity Pro Flex, and Square 3 are both WIFI enabled. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • First Cloud based LED grow light to market 2020
  • Set on/off schedules (no switch required)
  • Set sunrise & sunset automations
  • Auto-temp control with auto-dimming



We stand behind all of our LED lighting with industry leading 5 year warranties against manufacturing defects.

We also offer lifetime support on any product we sell.

We have the most generous return policy in the industry, a 60 day no hassle, no questions asked return.


The FGI Square 3 LED With Smart WiFi Control