weatherEFX by Forever Green Indoors. A platform to improve crop success using LEDs to mimic natural sunlight conditions.

Generative crop steering using weatherEFX to mimic natural sunlight conditions.

Scientists have studied how plants adapt to changing light levels, including those caused by clouds passing over.

Plants experience a competitive response when they perceive that light is being taken away. It is thought to have been adapted by plants competing with other nearby plants when their leaves are shaded by others and also when light levels drop due to cloud cover.

When photosynthetic light is restored plants quickly boost their intake of CO2 and available water causing rapid temporary growth rates before settling back to normal levels.

Adding cloud effects to indoor gardens is another form of crop steering. This is a strategy to stress the plant briefly to improve quality.

WeatherEFX is our platform that includes the use of WiFi programmable LEDs paired with our Cloud Intelligence App to design natural weather scenarios to boost crop production.


The science behind using cloud effects

Botanists studied the effect of leaf shading and competitive growth responses here: Importance of Intermittent Shade to the Ecophysiology of Subalpine Herbs, A. K. Knapp, W. K. Smith and D. R. Young from the Journal: Functional Ecology.

"A reduction in sunlight caused by clouds, appears to result in substantial increases to water status, and thus CO2 uptake throughout the day. Plants benefit in periodic reduction of evaporative demand that result from natural periods of intermittent shade."

Programming Cloud Effects

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