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FGI Soft Pouch
FGI Protective Case For Meters & Sensors $ 6.00 $ 10.80
  Brightly Colored, Easy To Spot Neoprene zipper protective pouch to protect your investment.  Ships Blue, Orange or Green depending on availability. 
SpotOn Sprayer Calibrator Model SC-2
SpotOn Sprayer Calibrator Model SC-2 $ 214.80
Provides quick and accurate flow rate checking of individual sprayer nozzles. This model is best for flow rates below 2.25 GPM typical of herbicide and insecticide application. Our SC-5 model is best for flow rates up to 5 GPM. FEATURES: NO CALCULATIONS OR APP DOWNLOAD REQUIRED: Automatically calculates and displays tip flow rate in GPM, LPM, oz/min, tip wear in %, and application rate in GPA/LPH (just enter your speed and nozzle spacing).FAST AND SIMPLE OPERATION: Readings in about 10 seconds per tip.QUICKLY FIND WORN SPRAY NOZZLE TIPS: Industry guidelines recommend tip replacement once flow rate exceeds that of the new tip by 10%.ACCURATELY MEASURE TRUE TIP FLOW RATE: Today’s high-tech sprayers can only be properly calibrated and confirmed with this knowledge. SPRAYER CALIBRATOR MODEL SC-2 SPECS: Range & Units: 0.02 – 2.25 GPM, 0.08 – 8.52 LPM, 3 – 288 oz/min (GPM in US Gallons) Accuracy: +/- 2% or 1 Digit Resolution: 0.01 GPM, 0.01 L/min, 1 oz/min Fluid Compatibility: Water & Water Based Solutions Only Battery: CR2032 Included (3 Year Battery Life) Size: 3” (7.6 cm) Dia x 8.75” (22 cm) Tall Weight: 0.6 lbs (272 g)
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SpotOn Universal Flow Meter Model SC-5
SpotOn Universal Flow Meter Model SC-5 $ 286.80 $ 402.00
Quickly and accurately check water flow from nozzles, faucets, sprayers, and showers up to 5 GPM. Features: Provides High-Resolution Digital Flow Rate Display Within Seconds Collapsible 4.25in(10.8cm) Dia. Rubber Collection Funnel For Shower Heads Fits Under Faucets With As Little As 7.5in(19cm) Clearance Height Internal Diffuser Pad Controls Strong Nozzle Spray Simple Rugged Design Has No Moving Parts Self-Contained For One-Handed Operation     SC-5 UNIVERSAL FLOW METER SPECS: Range: 0.08-5.00GPM, 0.30-19.00LPM, 2-1140L/hr Accuracy: Greater of +/- 3% or 1 Least Significant Digit Resolution: 0.01GPM, 0.01LPM, 1L/hr Fluid Compatibility: Water & Water Based Solutions Only Battery: CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell (2-3 Year Battery Life) Size: 4.5in(11.4cm)W x 5in(12.7cm)L x 7.5in(19cm)Tall – 9in(23cm)Tall with funnel extended Weight: 0.7 lbs(0.3kg)





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