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Trolmaster ECS-1 RJ12 Extension Cable Set
Trolmaster ECS-1 RJ12 Extension Cable Set $ 22.80 $ 24.00
  TrolMaster modules and sensors all come complete with a RJ12 16ft cable, Y-splitter and RJ12 4 ft cable to connect to the Hydro-x. When connecting modules that are farther apart, you can use the Extension cable set ECS-1. The ECS-1 comes complete with another 16ft cable, Y-splitter and 4 ft cable. Package Includes:  1 x Male-to-Male 16ft RJ12 Cable 1 x Male-to-Male 4ft RJ12 Cable 1 x RJ12 T-Splitter  

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Trolmaster ECS-5 RJ12 to M16 Connector For Fluence LEDs
Trolmaster ECS-5 RJ12 to M16 Connector For Fluence LEDs $ 26.22 $ 27.60
The ECS-5 provides a 5/8” diameter connector for some of Fluence brands newer LED fixtures using PushLock Waterproof Connectors for interconnecting. Like the other ECS kits, the ECS-5 comes with a 16ft RJ12 cable, a T-splitter and a special 4 ft RJ12 / PushLock Waterproof Connector cable.

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Trolmaster ECS-6 16ft 4 Pin Waterproof Extension Cable
Trolmaster ECS-6 16ft 4 Pin Waterproof Extension Cable $ 23.42 $ 25.20
The ECS-6 extension cable is simply a 16 ft extension cable to use with the WCS-1 moisture contet sensor. It has a male and female end and can extend the distance between WCS-1 module and the sensor probe.

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Trolmaster SPH-1 RJ12 Splitter Hub
Trolmaster SPH-1 RJ12 Splitter Hub $ 37.62 $ 39.60
  LED indicator Plug & Play he SPH-1 Splitter Hub from TrolMaster makes installation of our controllers as easy as plugging in a phone cable. The SPH-1 hub uses a single RJ12 cable input jack, and provides (8) individual RJ12 output jacks that can be connected to various TrolMaster sensors, adapters and device modules. Using the SPH-1 allows for a "clean" installation and eliminates the need for daisy-chain Y-splitters to be used to interconnect multiple modules or sensors. The SPH-1 is also a powered hub, meaning that it will boost the signals passing through the SPH-1 allowing more modules, sensors and light adapters to be connected to the TrolMaster controllers. By using the SPH-1, an almost unlimited number of LED / HID lights can be controlled using a single TrolMaster controller. The SPH-1 comes complete with the SPH-1 hub, a 16 foot RJ12 cable and the 12vdc power supply. The SPH-1 can be located in a central location with a single RJ12 cable connecting it to the main controller. From the SPH-1 hub, the individual RJ12 jacks can be connected to each of the sensors, device modules, or lighting adapters. Included In Package: 1x RJ12 Splitter Hub 1x 12V Power Adapter 1x 4 ft RJ12 Cable Specifications: Input Voltage: 12VDC Maximum Current: 1A Working Environment: Temperature 32-122°F, Humidity≤90% Packaging Dimensions: 160mm(L) x 85mm(W) x 90mm(H)






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