Hortibest 660W LED Grow Light with 2.8 umols/j Linear Greenhouse LED Top Lighting Array.

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Hortibest 660W LED Grow Light with 2.8 umols/j Linear Greenhouse LED Top Lighting Array.

$ 899.00 $ 995.00

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Our Factory Direct Shark Greenhouse Lighting System is the perfect solution for all your growing needs.

We select the top performing LEDs from only the top factories in Asia. The Shark 660W is the one to choose for supplimental greenhouse top lighting applications. This unit produces 1716 PPF at 2.6 umols/j. And is DLC listed for utility rebates nationwide. 

The Hortibest Shark is a commercial linear LED grow light, less than 6" wide, for greenhouse lighting applications. The slim form factor won't block the penetration of sunlight while providing supplementary lighting. The horizontal heat sinks efficiently dissipate heat to help get a longer lifespan of the light. And the fanless design eliminates fan noise and fan life issues.

The Shark also comes in several other wattage and size configurations from 330W to 850W output. Contact us to learn more about varying sizes for your greenhouse applications. 

This high-quality light provides great uniformity when mounted in an array, with our digitally tuned spectrum providing just enough artificial sunlight based on years worth experience designing grow lights.

it’s 40” length and 660 watts of power supplies ideal light intensity over greenhouse planting rows. This unit replaces HPS lighting on the same grid layout 1:1. 

The Shark offers a variety of controller options as well. From TrolMaster to our FGI Dimming Controller.

Connect up to 4 on a single 230V power connection with our AC daisy chain accessory cable to cut down on the number of power recepticles needed. 




AC Power Daisy Chain Specs




PAR Chart

Dimming Control 


Model Number: Shark X12

Power Consumption: 660W max

AC Input Voltage, Single Phase (Three Phase Availalble Optionally) AC120-277V,50/60Hz 

Power Factor > .09

Spectrum: FSG 

Efficiency: 2.6 umols/j

PPF Output: 1716

Heat Output: 2244 BTU

Enviromental Operating Temperature: Min -4 - Max 113°F (Min -20 - Max 45°C)

Dimensions: Length 39.4 x Width 5.1 x  Height 7.9 IN (Length 1000 x Width 129 x Height 200 MM)

Weight: 18.3 LBS (8.3 KGS)

Dimming: 0-10V dimmable to off

Dimming Controllers: All 0-10V. FGI Dimming Controller, TrolMaster ETC...

Lifetime: L90: > 50,000 HRS L70: >78,000HRS 

IP Rating: IP65/Wet

Certifications: ETL / UL 8800 / CE / DLC

Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer Provided Standard Warranty










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