About us

Forever Green Indoors makes and sells serious tech for grow.

Our mission began with the goal of energy conservation for indoor and greenhouse growing.

Since 2013 we've designed and built world class LED grow lights which have been frequently imitated, a nod to our innovative approach to lighting indoor crops. Our LEDs are rigorously tested by growers before they ever reach the market. Each model is built with quality, reliability and long term service in mind. We don't cut corners to build the cheapest lights on the market and it shows.  

We have diversified our product lines to include test and measurement equipment from Apogee Instruments (we're their largest official distributor), Innoquest and GemmaCert. We've also expanded into grow room controls including our own Dimming Controller and TrolMaster. We only carry products built to the highest standards.

Over the years we've expanded from mainly supplying commercial grow operations to our robust e-commerce store which has over 5000 active customers globally. Our same/next day order fulfillment matches Amazon's speed and reliability. Our 60 day no-hassle return policy beats Amazon's A to Z guarantee. At the same time we also distribute our products from Amazon Fulfillment worldwide. We can also be found on Google Shopping, Ebay, Walmart, Instagram and Facebook.

In 2019 we opened our first brick and mortar showroom in downtown Seattle, WA which also serves as our US distribution center.

In 2018 Forever Green began manufacturing some of our LEDs in China, and in 2021 we began direct-distribution of select models from our Hong Kong fulfillment center. These products typically arrive to the US within 5 days or less.

Because of supply chain problems following COVID 19 in 2021 our various points of distribution have significantly reduced the time it takes to make products and distribute them to the US.

Also in 2021 we began offering spot buying services of LEDs from major factories in Asia for high volume and wholesale purchasers worldwide.

Trust Forever Green Indoors for the technology you need to grow.

We're serious about it.

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