LED grow results

We get a lot of questions about how well LED lamps work for marijuana growing. 

Although there are a lot of opinions both positive and, well, negative - we felt that the experienced grow community might appreciate a little science and a lot less marketing. 

Our team selected the most relevant metrics including measurements of efficiency of real estate (grams per square foot), and of energy use (grams per watt). We've also provided direct comparisons on a strain by strain bases for productivity based on the typical 1000W HPS lamp, with grams per 1000W and a standard for LED productivity, grams per 500W of output. The lbs per lamp measurement people often toss around.

All grow results were independent. No compensation was provided. In some cases the results are from test areas and in others in full rooms of our lamps which have been purchased and used for several grow cycles. Growers names have been kept confidential due to the deluge of calls they would receive if we posted them. However we do provide tours and discussions with these growers as we move through the process with our future customers. 

Results were collected between August 2018 and November 2019. We'll continue to post additional results as we collect them each month.

FGI has over 11,200 LED lamps installed in over 4500 grow operations in the US and Canada. 

Test results are from our line of FGI flower lamps. The FGI Lightpanel 500 and FGI Lightpanel 700. We ranked the results by grams per watt. Higher numbers mean more weight for less power usage. However there are other metrics such as grams per square foot which arguably is a more important measure of production. 

Due to the wide variety of strains and grow styles being used we're publishing the data without any comments of our own. But we've made every attempt to provide consistency for comparisons sake. 

Growers are using mediums from coco to live soils. And a wide variety of nutrients. Some add CO2 and some do not. Some grow with very short 7 day veg cycles and others on a more standard schedule. 

The missing element we intend to report over time is the all important metric "grams per square foot per year" which we believe is the ultimate benchmark for productivity for high volume cannabis growers.



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